Rulon: * NO SPOILERS *

Regardless of how the fight w/ Yoshida goes (has gone?), if Rulon continues to fight will he be joining Team Quest?

If so, you'd have to imagine w/ his greco background, he'd do well under the Quest system. That gives them the Heavyweight they have been lacking. Can you imagine a team to team competition by weightclass?

Heavy - Rulon
LHW - Couture
MW - Henderson

Lindland doesn't look like he has much weight available to cut, thus alas he wouldn't be available for 170, but they have some up and comers there.

Those three though would make a pretty fearsome triad.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Smokes! (though perhaps that should refer to Eddie Bravo)



EDIT: Btw.. if you respond, please don't indicate how the fight went. I realized that this type of speculation might tempt people to ruin the match results... This isn't speculation about his current skills, just about his future plans and how he'd fit into Quest. Thx in advance.

I have no idea how Pride went, but it's a little early to call Rulon even a good MMA fighter IMO. He seems to lack the "killer instinct" most great fighters possess. Maybe I'm reading him wrong, I don't know.

Rulon is awesome and I really want to see him fight many more times.

Rulon has to be willing to hurt people at any given opportunity to succeed in MMA. All the champions have that.

"i doubt many people get gold medals in wrestling without the mental tools to compete in MMA. just because he acts like a nice guy doesn't mean he can't fight at a high level."

I'm definitely not bagging on Gardner. I hope he does great and if he continues fighting I'm sure he will become one of my favorites.