Rumble 9 March 20!!!!!

The Canadian Martial Arts Center and The Progressive Fighting Academy are proud to present Rumble 9 on March 20th at the Lethbridge Exhibition Pavilion. Fights start at 6 pm sharp with the doors opening at 5 pm. We have 10 comfirmed mixed fights and 7 kickboxing matches.


Jason Day CMAC vs Cameron Brown Gibson Pankration

Jesse Bongfeldt CMAC vs Adam LaPorte Independant

Len Smith OKJJ vs Chris Ade Team Ade

Jack Lilja CMAC vs Lawrence Richards Pas

Josh Tomik CMAC vs Tristan Battye Independant

John Louro BDB vs Micheal Condon Arashi-Do

Tim Tomaki CMAC vs Wilf Betzs Scheers

Darren McKay CFC vs Tim Thurston Gibon Pankration

Elvis Lyon CMAC vs Jordan McKay Scheers

Ben Harris Gibson Pankration vs Jimmy Orouke Pas(not confirmed yet)


Trevor Hardy PFA vs Yahosuah Yahudah Athens, Georgia

Phil Leier National Calgary vs Adam Bambrick PFA

Allison Muzyka Scheers vs Christina Mack PFA

Misty Sutherland National Calgary vs Nicole Redvers PFA

Shayne Holland Independant vs Brad Potiuk PFA

Cahnty Phon Medicine Hat vs Adam Henderson PFA

Eugene Simchenko National Edmonton vs Rafael Rebeione PFA

For information or tickets call Lee Mein at 320-5569 or Trever Hardy and Brad Wall at 327-3744.

Awesome card...ttt.

How big is the venue?


kick his ass Trevor!

Joe The pavilion holds about 2000 people. At Rumble 8 we had 1600 spectators and are hoping to up those numbers this time with the weather cooperating with us.


Adam Laporte vs Jesse Bongfelt should be a wicked fight. Both are exciting fighters that go for it.

I thought Laporte wasn't able to compete anymore, but glad to hear he's back.

Who's he training with?



Is Jesse Fighting or not?...I saw a post saying he had to pull out...Hope he changed his mind, it should be a great fight!

Hey, Marc-Andre!

Adam still trains at BDB Martial Arts [aka National BJJ] but more under the Minotaur Boxing banner.

Is Jesse fighting or not?


A note,

Mike Condon although a friend and gutsy guy is not a representative of Arashi-do mma or Behring BJJ.

Good luck to all competitors on the 20th,

Gary Vig.

Hey Gary,

Please drop me an email!!


Troy Scheer


I was pretty sure Adam was living his life as a woman now he
changed his name to Andrea and is living in 3 hills Alta.Im glad to
hear he is fighting again is it against a Woman or man?

Good luck to Jesse Bongfeldt Tuff mofo that just keeps coming nice hard kicks aswell blended with some nice guard work!

jesse is out but right now lee is looking for another fight for adam. one week to fights!

Thanks for the info Willie!

Hope to get the results that night on the underground.

What weight is that fight at?

To bad jesse's out when I fought him he's pretty tough in our debut's ,this is not my area but some of mahoods guys may be worth checking out for adam how bout a guy like kajan who just fought in tko.