rumble in SM. ALM took losses. Enci got me. I think we did better. Nice to kill Ferrox. Enci is sneaky. Twunt is a wimp ;)

yes he is...

yeah enci got us each once. Dropped your 60 mage too. Good times.

Enci fell before the mighty Zane...he tried but failed many times

i think the mage got the kill, not enci. Was and ALM kill all the same.

OK ok.. was a good fight.. at least the part I was in.. I was the only alm 60 there at the time.. I tried for gord (clothies taste so good) almost got him, he ran into Lib. Billy nearly got me there but I vanished.. I healed a bit and went back for Billy.. was about to get him when gord started into me.. I got billy just as gord got me (unless that was a FD but I'm pretty sure I got ya). I blindsided gord after that.. so I got each of you once, I died once. Was fun as hell though.. you guys are good.

pretty much went down like enci said. it was fun becuase it was totally unexpected. me and billy were running the armory to to get the SM tabbards and we walked out and there was ALM everywhere. Good times :)

i put the chicken to pasture by the way. i like the war horsie now. or the ram.

but i know what u mean homie. the problem is those meetings are few and far between. in all our time playing that was like the first time i stumbled across a bunch of ALM.

Haha.. Thanks homie. We had the advantage going into the fight since we knew they were there and they didn't know we were. That being said, I had to blow pretty much every CD I had.. including preperation for that fight. You guys looked like you have pretty good gear. WTF, do they just give you guys that shit when you log in at LVL 1 or what?!? haha

Looking forward to some rematches!

yeah its just to hard to do without setting it up.. but it does seem like it would lose a bit of something by setting it up

"rumble in SM. ALM took losses. Enci got me. I think we did better. Nice to kill Ferrox. Enci is sneaky. Twunt is a wimp ;) "

lol, any other time I would have been straight in but knowing I'd challenged you to get me, and that you couldn't was too sweet to pass up. First I knew you were there was when I saw "Reefman yells...". I almost shit.

'Nice to kill Ferrox'

LOL - i was getting a beer :-)

Good show though..

ferox. i see you are now in your 40's. Nice work on leveling. It took me three charcters before i finally got to 40. Now comes the tough leveling. 40-60 is like 1-40 all over again. I wish you the best. Forget your alt and focus on getting someone to 60 asap. Oh and beer or not, you were going down ;)

Enci, Steve and I locked that place down for an hour or so last night.

I loved it when they'd hide behind the doors, as if we coldnt open them!

40-51 = tough lvling 51-60 = nothing

'Oh and beer or not, you were going down ;)'

Enci was already dead by the tim i noticed what was happening..but as u said what could i do..

quickest way to winterspring?

lvl 50+

Enci ya dude we had a good war...everytime i had you close to finished you'd vanish etc...then you almost had me... me and gord finished you off and with the 100hp i had left I was shot down by some Mage which was not an ALM. You did manage to make the reefman flee at first ;-)

SM is a tough place for a hunter...hard to get my range lol, i couldnt get off much firepower had to rely on melee :-(

Funtimes though for sure hope it happens again

Thush has got me pinned down in SM right now. He and his shaman buddy. That shammy hits hard.