Rumble looks tiny next to this female fighter(pic)

Dats a big bitch.

Wow usually real tall girls like her look beastly... not bad sir 

Isn't the real news AJ is back in the gym?  Meathead was taking it easy on her, AJ was giving her the moneys worth.

yes please


Also, whoever shopped that pic did a terrible job with her edges. Step your game up, son.

I'll fight her...but I won't cut weight.

Uchi -

Thats a pretty weak photoshop job there.


Does she have any fights up anywhere?

i know right? that would have gotten me a C in intro to design tools. but apparently gets a reaction from people here, so fuck me right?

If she was born a woman, I would give her all I've got.  If she wasn't, I won't tell you guys about it when I give her all I've got 

No 1 cawkgobbler -

The best line is a different one:


"Keep it in the circus!"

She's so huge that she's warping the space around her legs.