Rumble on the Rock 4 dvd's ...

What's up !!I just got the Rumble on the Rock 4 Dvd .It was a really good show..featuring Bj Penn against gomi... really good quality...and some good fights...good job Jay Dee and his crew!!! ROTR rumble may 7th, honolulu.

on sale where?

check their website

Just went to the website and there store is not up
yet. Maybe novauniaohawaii got a pre-sale copy!

why shady? novauniaohawaii fought on that card
and totally destroyed Gil Castillo!

I agree with Kickboxerx5, novauniaohawaii took it to
Castilo and broke Castilo's nose

Thanks for agreeing with me KID HMC, I hope your
studying in school though instead of fooling
around on this forum!

"Shady because the DVD's aren't available to the
public yet."......I am glad that the promoters of this
event took care of the fighters and gave them early
released copies of their fights! I don't work for
ROTR but I'll bet the DVD's will be out very soon!

Well, maybe they just got them and are planning to
update their site soon.

OK, here is the lowdown as far as I know. The dvd will retail in Hawaii. I just finished the basics of the site. It will be updated through the weeks with more pics ect. The store portion is supposed to be done soon. JD's friend is putting it together as far as I know. I did the case and disc art. When the dvd is available you will all know. You will be blown away by the production value of this show. It will be right there with the UFC soon and KOTC the event and production pales in comparison. It will be on PPV soon. I know JD is working hard on that. So keep checking the site and TTT for JD,BJ,Renato and Alex. They are doing great things in Hawaii and for MMA.

TTT for Rumble On The Rock!!!

Im definitely buying the disc when it comes out.


Damn, why would you tell us about it when we can't get it?

Damn youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!


i would imagine the guys at ROTR are probably pretty slammed right now getting ready for this show this friday (may 7th)...

if the DVD's just came in, i'm sure they'll be available off their website shortly after the event this weekend...

The dvds just came in and JD has been busy with the ROTR 5 on may 7th. He has not been back to Hilo since Superbrawl. As soon as he gets back the dvd will be ready. Also Alex said the ROTR is in the process of being put together. TTT for

ttt.Rumble on the rock...may 7th...
dvd will be avaiable in the major mma websites...

Charuto I'm still gagging at the smell of blood when you beat Gil Castil =)

TTT for ROTR and for Uncle Charuto!

I hope they sell it this friday..

The dvd is nuts. Its really proffesional. You guys gotta get it. I think they will sell it at the fights. Go get it people