Rumble on the Rock LIVE Results

Bruce Buffer is in the Ring....

Seems Like his waiting for the word to start..

Sorry guys Bruce is in the cage just waiting


who is up first?

I believe

Kaku (BJ Penn MMA) Vs. Melendez (Cesar Gracie)

line up please?

Could somebody post the card?

Some people are looking for their seats, others are already seated.

Some people are looking towards the octagon, while others are looking around at the crowd.

Has Rodrigo Gracie faught in a octagon before.

I got a call Larry Landless has entered the Octagon

Bruce Buffer is on the Mic ACTION is about to start

National Anthem is getting song right now

woo hoo, im antsy like Friday afternoon before the UFC

Aitor is also with team roc in North Carolina. Ive met him a few times. He is one of the good guys. He posted in here a few days ago. He a KOTC match a while back.

"he won a kotc match a while back" sorry guys its getting late....

Sorry guys no fights yet..

But their some hula girls dancing right now..

gee that's fucking long for an intro

I'm going balls nasty with anticipation on this crap. Get to the fights!

ahhhhhh!im having a hard time staying awake. Hey btw im kinda new to this site. Im glad i found this. Any boudy from NC on tonight?

They finished announcing the fighters now..

Fight 1

Melendez Vs. Kaku

Fighters coming out..I'll post when theirs a winner

"Hey btw im kinda new to this site. Im glad i found this. "

Hey KKM!!!!!!

I got Melendez on this one...