Rumble results?

HOw did Dougie do? Anyone?

i unfortunately couldnt make it, would love results!

From what I remember:

1)Matt Walker wins by RNC round 1 over Brandon McCarther

2)Vedran Drisic lost a decision

3)Jaret Evans wins by headlock/guillotine - Incredible suplex in this fight. I can't wait to see it if it is on The Score.

4)Brad Cardinal over Daid Mah by RNC in round 1

5)Tim Tamaki wins by armbar in round 1 over Greg Kostyshyn

6)Dan Chambers lost to Nabil Khatib by RNC in round 1

7)Jeremy Smith by armbar over Matt Zorzetti in round 1

8) Travis Briere won, I think by ref stoppage in round 1

That's all I can remember, sorry if I misspelled any of the names, or mixed up who beat who. It was a good card.

My friend Tony Cridland won his debut by Arm Bar during round 2.

otherwise lots of round 1 stopages in that one. By all reports a great card.

Congrats to Nabil!!!!

Congrats to Nabil Khatib...glad to see him back in the cage fighting some tough competition. It's been a bit of a layoff for him since the colapse of Apex and I'm glad he's found more fights. Anyone know is he has any more lined up?

Congrats Nabil!!!!


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