Rumble v Stipe/JDS Hypothetical

I think Bones, DC, and Rumble, (and possible even Gus) could take certain matchups at HW and do really well, and possibly win the title. I never really thought about Rumble against the elite of the HW division but there are some really interesting matchups for a guy who looks like he can fill out to 235 in the monster type of way, and his power would def translate (although somehow Arlovski hung in there). Rumble should fight Overeem at HW at some pt, especially if he loses to DC for the 2nd time.

The Stipe fight would be super interesting bc Stipe likes to test himself standing against his opponents and mixes in takedowns when they get too comfortable or are hurt. I think Rumble would knock him out should it stay standing. JDS would try to box with Rumble, which would def be interesting as well. It just seems like without the monster Cain at HW, I see a lot of matchups where the elite LHW's could get some wins. 

Rumble vs Black Beast

JoseyWales - Rumble vs Black Beast

AJ is way to fast for BB

and he could out wrestle him but I don't think its even needed.

Rumble should think about a move to heavy if he should lose to DC again.

Isnt he undefeated at heavy?

He can for sure hang with the best heavyweights and his cardio issues at 205 wont be exploited as much outside of say Cain who obviously can push the pace or could who knows what cain is going to be off this injury and lay off.

stipe's chin and power vs Rumble would be an easy sell.

if he does lose to DC I would ask AJ to move up.

he probably doesn't have a problem with it.