RumbleOnTheRock Ring Girl Action

here's another few good reasons to check out and order the fights. thx to the penn's, nico, rich, and eddie bravo for the cool tunes.


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when is it gonna be available ?

ive been checking thwe site all day, waiting to buy it

do you know when it will be available FCTV808??


i'll shoot them a text, but i don't know man. i just woke back up...fc

thanks FC, appreciate it man

hb, jd just texted me that it'll be up very soon on ON DEMAND. aloha

excellent...must be nice having legit connections

thanks alot man, appreciate it

"legit" as opposed to?


LOL...i mean, you can text the man himself

who would know better than JD?

my connections range from to sherdog...LOL

"my connections range from to sherdog...LOL"

and now, fctv. :-)



FCTV808-Can you ask JD if he can get me a poster of BJs fight with Rodrigo?

wat song is that??

Mark, didn't see this thread, I just made one with ring girl photos. LOL

i think you can contact them on their website? i will ask if they have them for sale. aloha


Thanks FCTV-I had got ahold of JD Penn through email once and he said he would send me one when he got back from traveling then I never heard from him.I was willing to pay.


sorry to hear that, but jd is constantly busy nowadays. i'll ask rich if
maybe he carries some of that kinda stuff at or
maybe you might email him yourself w/ better success. aloha is now just

Now you KNOW..........