Rumina Sato HL

A highlight of Shooto star Rumina Sato. And yes, there is a flying arm bar in there ;)

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I didnt realize that Rumina's been fighting since 1994.

Damn another great fighter I haven't seen enough of..

Thx Bodybag!!

No problem. Theres a clip of him in there where he jumps on Yves Edwards back and chokes him out, right by the ropes.

Here's the full Yves Edwards vs Rumina Sato fight.

I saw that did not realize at the time it was Yves! Thx again!

Is there a great Fighter that Yves hasn't fought!! Talk about taking on all comers!! Now he gets the underated Noons!

Sato was the first superior athlete to compete in MMA. I remember when Yves took that fight. He was still posting on Mousel's.

He was very green at the time and probably would have lost anyway, but the RNC came about as the result of an accidental headbutt.

I'm partial to this one.



Rumina is the first guy to tap out a BJJ black belt in MMA. He did it in 94 via heel hook.

^ in mma? who was it?

Yep, in Shooto

"Win Ricardo Botelho Submission (Heel Hook) Shooto - Reconquista 1 1/18/1997 3 1:24"

My bad, it wasn't 94... it was 97



Sato was one of those fighters who took so many unnecessary risks in order to make the fight exciting and finish.

Correct. Thats why he is the legend he is today.


one of my favs. i always thought his striking was questionable but damn if he didn't make submissions exciting. flying armbars, leg locks... the man was everywhere. i knew he showboated a little, but i didn't realize the attitude he had when he was younger. It seemed to me that in his later fights he acted more mature.

but that could be just my perception.

"I'm partial to this one."


WHAT MADXYIENTIST SAID!!!!!  That's the OG shit right there, haven't seen it in a few years now, although the first one displays more of his arrogance and makes me relish in Uno's wins over him that much more.  lol

Rumina used to be a cocky fucker back in the day. He was only a kid though.

Yeah, getting your ass kicked a few times tends to humble most people.  :)