Rumina Sato VS Rafael Cordeiro vid

I think people that do not know that this fight happened/know the result will be VERY surprised at how this fight unfolds. Rumina Sato is one of the world's most impressive submission artists, and here he is facing Chute Boxe trainer Rafael Cordeiro, who I believe was a BJJ brown belt at this time. (he currently is a black belt) Excellent match.

Sato is the first non-brazilian to tap a BJJ BB

It is the grapplers that are also hard punchers that he has trouble with

Rich Santoro-

You live in Joliet? Wow I can't believe that I live very close to a Shooto Commisioner. I live in Plainfield, Illinois and am an amateur MMA fighter. I would like to fight in Shooto, preferably a main event. Thank you very much :)

As for Rumina, yeah I completely agree. That is why it was so heartbreaking to see him lose the way he did against Joel Gersen and Peqeuno, two matches where he was subbed relatively quickly. Joel Gersen was a major fluke and Peqeuno's guillotine can catch anyoneso I guessthere is no shame in that. I have always said that when it comes down to it, Rumina Sato is the best submission grappler (emphasis on SUBMISSION) in MMA.

Rightious K-

I just thought that considering Cordeiro's high status among Chute Boxe, as well as having a high level of skill both ingrappling and in Muay Thai that some forum members would be surprised that he was taken down and submitted so easily by Rumina Sato.


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crybaby ;)

Thanks max power

Rumina does get pretty emotional after big wins, he also cried after winning the Shooto Pacific Rim championship when he beat Makoto Ishikawa (Out of one of Enson's gyms) in an amazing fight.


I do agree that overall Imanari is a better leglocker than Sato, while Rumina has a more explosive and more sudden all around submission game. Imanari has subbed great grapplers (Jorge Gurgel, ATT coach Renato Tavares) and great MMA fighters (Yoshiro Maeda, Mike Brown) with leglocks and just has amazing technique.

"Sato is the first non-brazilian to tap a BJJ BB"

what about Kirmura :-P

Scott Epstein-

lol yeah he is one quick dude.


Who did Kimura actually fight again??? Was it Helio or Carlos??? Did the opponent actually tap, or just let his arm get busted??? j/k

Rumina is certainly the first to do it in MMA.

YJS - Hey brother, where have you fought thus far???

I will be at the IHC in Hammond tomorrow. If you come out, into yourself.

Rich Santoro-

My first fight was at age 17 (18 officialy :P) at Elite Cage Fighting in Indiana. I beat Dean Burley by TKO (elbows from mount) in round two. It was a really fun experience for me and I went for stuff like a cartwheel guard pass, achilles lock, triangle choke, guillotine, flying knee etc. I really wanted to havean exciting fight and I think it showed. I have a DVD which includes this match.

My second fight was at Extreme Combat Challenge run by Monte Cox's sometimes promoting partner Chas Bowling. Chas put me in against a fighter that he managed named Billy Kidd who I am sure you have heard of. I was not told that he was a pro fighter who had 4 pro fights under his belt as well as 8 amateur fights as well. For some reason it was an amateur match and I lost a majority decision. I had him in a triangle, an armbar, a guillotine and an arm triangle, had mount and so on but still lost the decision for some reason. Then again, a lot of thingswere shady at this event which I will not comment on for now.

And that is my glorious fighting history as of now. I plan to keep going and one of my dreams is to actually fight in a Shooto Japan show.

damn, Sato is a wizard

"As for Rumina, yeah I completely agree. That is why it was so heartbreaking to see him lose the way he did against Joel Gersen and Peqeuno, two matches where he was subbed relatively quickly. Joel Gersen was a major fluke"

to say Joel' s armbar victory is a fluke is completly absured. Subbing a Grappling master like Sato is no fluke. Joel was just the better man that night

Joel's armbar victory over Sato is one of the biggest flukes in MMA history.

YF's denial of everything outside the BJJ church is also reminiscent of a Christianity like faith that overlooks reality/fact.

I thought leglocks dont work against any blue belt and up bjj guy.

He might not be the best sub-grappler in MMA today but at one point, he was very much in fact one of the best submission guys in the game and wasnt just subbing kung-fu guys either.

Sure he's lost matches because his positional game might not be as tight as some others but he's tapped a helluva lot of guys in return.

Then you have guys who might have great positional games but may win by decision a lot but also lose many times from decision but thats all they have and never risk losing the sacred position for actually obtaining the ultimate goal of bjj.

Then you get a non-bjj guy that comes in an gets subs as quickly as Matt Hughes gets takedowns and it scares certain people's beliefs.

"This proves that you know very little about submission grappling, or MMA in general. Sato is in no way the best submission grappler in MMA, no matter how badly you want him to be."

Your Father you have proved time and time again that you know little about MMA in general. You have shown complete ignorance when it came to boxing, said that the HW division in ADCC doesn't matter and so on. And on all of those threads where you got owned, you ran away from the thread.

By submission grappler I was using the term in a literal sense, as in someone who is excellent at SUBMISSIONS in MMA, not just winning with points.

Considering he has submitted John Lewis, Rafael Cordeiro, Ricardo Botelho, Yves Edwards, Bao Quach and has 18-23 wins coming by submission I have a strong argument to back up my claim.

It must kill you to know that Sato has subbed BJJ blackbelts with ease in MMA. Same with Masakazu Imanari (who has only been training mma/grappling for about five years.) I guess guys like John Lewis and Ricardo Botelho are lumped into the same group as Eddie Bravo and his students huh? A bunch of disobedient fools, had they memorized Rorion Gracie instructionals and read "The Gracie Way" more times like our friend Your Father they would never have embarassed the sacred art of Pajama Grappling!


Everything about that fight was perfect by Rumina. The throw, the slick heel hook attempt (from side mount!), and probably the coolest and best counter to a triangle choke I've ever seen.

He's the man.