Rumor: Bellator will be going back to Paramount network

Big John and Josh Thomson were talking about this.

Good for the fans if/when it happens

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It feels like they started having less events since they switched.

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Going back to Paramount now would be a huge step up, right? It has grown quite a bit thanks to having the top show on TV in Yellowstone.

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lol forgot bellator exists

is it on triller





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If they’re really smart they’ll put the events either live on Paramount + or available within 24 hours after airing. Cheap way to build the fan base.

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I know it’s a big deal for Europe.

Showtime. Scott Coker went back to his old pals a few years ago. Since it’s been on showtime the shows have been very inconsistent imo

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They did mention the fights will be on demand on Paramount + IF the deal goes through.


are the elite xc events on fight pass?

that was a vibe

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They are. I actually just bought Fight Pass for 1 month not long ago and I watched a ton of Elite XC and Strikeforce. They have every event. Some prelims are missing though.

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This kinda sucks.
Showtime is cheap & has a better library.


I think it really helps the international viewers. They talk about it for about 4-5 minutes

40:04 minute mark

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