Rumor: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has to make over a billion or

Buried in the article is this gem:

To that end, the second source is said to have concluded his info dump by admitting that “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has to make over a billion.”

“If he [sic] it doesn’t, get ready,” they concluded. “Heads will roll at Marvel.”

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I’d like to be the first to suggest that BP: Wakanda Forever is not going to make over a billion.


I’ll see it 5 times. I love nonsense movies made by transgenders.


Theres alot of goodwill from the Chad dying and if they market it right, why not

Another woke movie gonna tank?



White peoples are racist for letting the blacks watch the movie in peace so low ticket sales now


how would that compare to other movies of the genre? what did the first one make?

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First Black Panther made $1.3 Billion


I doubt the goodwill from Chadwick death is going to offset the loss of him on the screen. Letitia Wright has never had to carry a film as a lead actress. I question whether her sassy, wisecracking smart-ass portrayal of Shuri can survive a huge increase in screen time. Part of what made Shuri fun was that she offset her dour, super-serious brother. With him gone, it changes the dynamic of her character just as she is being asked to carry a much heavier load.

Another possibility is that they spread the load around and make it more of an ensemble film, with Angela Basset, Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and Dominique Thorne all taking turns pulling the wagon as well. But if they go that route, it devalues the Black Panther character and it instead becomes more of a Wakanda extended family movie.


from the clips i’ve seen posted online and the commentary on various podcasts it sounds like chadwick dies off screen and once they get past his death in the movie it’s straight guurrrrllll power the rest of the film with the film ending with shurri as BP taking down Namor. just garbage. will not be seeing this film in the theaters.







AUDIENCE SCORE1,000+ Verified Ratings

The fuck’s up with RT?

probably true.

still haven’t seen eternals, thor love and thunder or any of the marvel shows on disney+, went to see the spiderman movie and dr. strange in the theater and really liked both of them.

Ironically, it’s one of MCU movies that will miss the Chinese market the least. The original film only made $104MM in China (contrast that to the $629MM Avengers Endgame earned in China), so it won’t be the death knell for the sequel’s international box office.

IMO, it has a chance to match or exceed the original’s opening weekend of $202MM. It already banked $3MM more in previews than the original made ($28MM for BP2 vs $25MM for BP). However, I don’t think it’s going to be the cultural touchstone that the original was, and won’t have the same legs. I’d guesstimate it makes $400MM-$500MM domestic tops. Throw in a similar amount in the international market, and it has a shot at a billion, but I think you are right. It’s going to come in just shy of the three comma club.


That audience rating has to be fake. It seems to be getting pretty consistent 7/10 ratings from where I’ve looked.

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I won’t see it for the fact that they made Namor some kind of Mayan inspired character amongst other things.


they did that because they don’t own his movie rights (still owned by universal) so they changed just enough of his backstory and started pronouncing his name like he was mexican. fucking horrible.

I dont know shit about BP comics. Is that the only option for a villain? Is he just the biggest BP villain so they just forced him in?

It was also the second to last film before Infinity War. Captain Marvel made over a billion. That 10 year run was well-played.

Now, they’re just throwing stuff out there. The MCU is basically a tv show that’s held on too long at this point.

Social Justice had something to do with it as well.

I couldn’t get past a few minutes.

The black panther character was always cool in the comics


RT score are based on a simple favorability rating of favorable and not favorable. If 1000/1000 thinks it’s good, it would get 100%. If The same people thought it was great it would still get 100%.

It uses this method because not everyone rates movies the same way. Some people consider an average watchable movie of five while others consider a seven an average passing movie. It’s why IMDb does so much shaping with their ratings data. This also prevents people from bombing a movie with zeros and affecting the overall score disproportionately.

It’s essentially a binomial confidence interval score except a BCI usually generates a score along with the percentage of users that like or disliked it to indicate the reliability of the percentages.