RUMOR - Fedor to face Yoshida at Astra

"An article in tomorrow's Nikkan Sports newspaper says that Yoshida's retirement fight in ASTRA will most likely be against Fedor. The exact quote is "Retirement match against Fedor, world's strongest man". According to the newspaper, Fedor's camp got in contact with Yoshida when he announced his retirement fight somewhere around February 8th and both parties have been negotiating ever since. There is a final meeting that will be held in Japan at Dream 13 which should finalize the negotiations. If nothing pans out after Dream 13, then they apparently have other fighters readily available to fight Yoshida."

I found this a lil bit ago, and Im curious as to what the UG'r think of this, Ive been a lurker here for a long time and everybody here seems to know what is really going on in the world of mma.....

here is the full article translated via google translator

"Professional judoka Hidehiko Yoshida (Yoshida Dojo = 40) as his retirement match against former PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko (33 = Russia) on June 18 most likely to be revealed. Held April 25 at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo Sun "entertainment Hidehiko Yoshida retired ~ ASTRA" for which negotiations continued. PRIDE is expected but does not provide even one card of the eagerly-awaited degree. If negotiations Matomare about 8 seems to be the best opponent's last match as a farewell to life Yoshida years of fighting.

The last game to leave the ring Yoshida "strongest" man who has been named the title. This office belongs to J-ROCK President Hiroshi Yoshida Yasushi Takashi Yoshida opponent for China is "a foreigner, one in three Japanese is in talks focusing on candidates," we have discussed with the foreigners was found that the former PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor. China protection on the 18th president, told sports daily "Now, so can not say anything while the negotiations" did not deny till the end.

According to the official MMA, February 8 Fedor into contact with the box office immediately after the announcement of the date of retirement Yoshida, and has been negotiating intermittently. Arena is scheduled in 22 days DREAM13 according to the following officials will be visiting with people close to Fedor. That the final negotiations on the dispute there. 06 There is information that Fedor is facing the pain of the surgery was the right fist, the point of acceptance should come against Yoshida and circumstances of injury recovery. Likely to decide next week but negotiations on track. Tamotsu president of China "24 to decide the day" and eat.

Fedor is 09 April, mixed martial arts organization "DEEP" for the event in Japan, and now DREAM Eshikibishonmatchi made lightweight champion Shinya Aoki. If official game in Japan and 07 December 31 "Yarennoka New Year's Eve 2007" Choi said in TKO since the win. If Yoshida game if realized, will return to the ring about two years and four months in Japan.

Fedor is the current U.S. mixed martial arts organizations such as UFC talent shown a strong interest from around the world are recognized. President of China protection "to the opponent's last meaningful game Yoshida as" the most appropriate standards say that the fighter. Yoshida himself "They'd better be fixed soon, it is prepared to wait a good game but who is" naturally and are waiting.

The Japanese people will switch to a confrontation at the negotiation finishes on a sour note, President Tamotsu China "There are also other contracts with players who want to do me. I want you to fall down and tell you something" and tenaciously will continue the negotiations said. PRIDE card just did not happen until the end of the long-awaited, and should attract more attention in the negotiations seem to be reaching Matomare.

[March 19, 2010 7:44 minutes from the paper]

and here is the link feel free to see for yourself

just saw this also, my head exploded

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 sounds crazy, i am baffled but not surprised

i wonder what the chances of this coming to fruition are?

sorry i missed the thread you started, I think this might happen, I translated the full article and it seems to have some credibilty, guess we have to wait for that meeting at Dream.13