Rumor: Fedor vs. Randy contracted by Spikeforce

Lots of movement here on my signal, apparently Bellator is offering Fedor a massive deal to return to competition against Randy Couture.

The deal is reportedly massive by MMA standards in excess of $10 million, includes PPV cut and other amenities.

Fedor and his team are very seriously considering this according to my unnamed sources and signals.

Main point of contention again appears to be co-promotion with M-1, Coker appears willing, big execs at Spike hesitant but willing to do anything to land Fedor to show up Dana/UFC and bait Brock into serious negotiations.

Stay tuned.

The attempts to maim the name of Fedor and catch him in PED scandal are being churned out in response to Fedor possibly returning to competition sooner than later.

Well, as long as you say "Serious". Phone Post

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My god this signal!

disbeliever - 0/10

Accurate name is accurate

They might get a couple of decent ppv's out of it but it's not going to move the needle for them in the long run. This is SF all over again. I'm a huge Coker fan, but he's out of a job in a few yrs.

I'm more concerned about how they plan on competing with Zuffa over the next 5 years. My hope for them is they can produce an even playing field of talent and balance out the costs of PPV. How does Fedor coming out of retirement do that?

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I won't let myself get excited till I hear an announcement from Coker...

MMA is the only thing I follow where I expect a let down from news like this.... But I still got some movement from reading that, fingers crossed. Phone Post 3.0

Everyone knows that money isn't as long as they thought it was when they retire.

Do you think that Fedor doesn't have the itch? Fedor won his last two fights via KO over Ishii and Rizzo after he UD'd Monson, he is on 3 fight win streak.

Testing is stricter now, the prospect of returning to competition amidst steadily deflating opposition is growingly attractive.

I don't think Fedor needs money, but I am sure he could find a good use for it.

Randy against Fedor? Would have been nice 7 or 8 years ago but I would still watch. Has Randy cracker 50 yet? He's definitely getting way up there

future legend - actually, I'd rather see this than every fight on the next 5 UFC cards... at least
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future legend - actually, I'd rather see this than every fight on the next 5 UFC cards... at least
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I would like to see those two clinch.

CREtard returns.

Canooke - I would like to see those two clinch.

Greco vs judo.

Dude, Randy Couture is 51.

Watching Couture get battered is always fun.

gsp next?