Rumor: Fedor vs. Randy contracted by Spikeforce

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future legend - actually, I'd rather see this than every fight on the next 5 UFC cards... at least
Wat? Phone Post 3.0

Srs. who the hell wants to see manlets and women fight?
187?? Phone Post 3.0

I could not watch this fight if it happens and I doubt it will. Fedor would maul Randy at this age and I don't need to see it. Cre, sn bet on if this fight happens? I know your a known dick tucker but I'm down to give you a shot. Phone Post 3.0

The UG Crown prince has returned ... (And the worlds worst oddsmaker) , CRE my man. Phone Post 3.0

I can't wait for bellator to organize kimo vs Severn. Phone Post 3.0

I want to believe. Phone Post 3.0

Who the fuck wouldn't want to see this? Phone Post 3.0

I don't want to pay to watch a 51 year old fight. Phone Post 3.0

But I probably would. Phone Post 3.0

Ok I will be honest with you guys.

I lied.

Fedor is fighting Tito not Randy.

Bellator likes its fighters like it likes its dishes

washed up Phone Post 3.0

Fedor vs. Tito

In Russia.

You heard it here first.

Fedor fighting a 51 year old?
Fresh, as if his legacy needs more tarnishing.

tenchu - Fedor fighting a 51 year old?
Fresh, as if his legacy needs more tarnishing.

Fedor vs. Tito.

CRE - Lots of movement here on my signal, apparently Bellator is offering Fedor a massive deal to return to competition against Randy Couture.

The deal is reportedly massive by MMA standards in excess of $10 million, includes PPV cut and other amenities.

Fedor and his team are very seriously considering this according to my unnamed sources and signals.

Main point of contention again appears to be co-promotion with M-1, Coker appears willing, big execs at Spike hesitant but willing to do anything to land Fedor to show up Dana/UFC and bait Brock into serious negotiations.

Stay tuned.

The attempts to maim the name of Fedor and catch him in PED scandal are being churned out in response to Fedor possibly returning to competition sooner than later.


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could be possible

Fedor back to kill another US promotion?  I'd bet on it.

Considering Randy is still under fight contract with the UFC this is clearly a pipe dream. Fun to dream though. Phone Post 3.0