RUMOR: Gyllenhaal to land Ronda's Old Role in "ROAD HOUSE"

Not the point. Lot’s of classics could be made better now… just don’t.

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Nah, that blonde died years ago…

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Kelly Lynch? No she didn’t.

Probably thinking Kelly Preston.

Death by amazing ta-ta’s
(and cancer)


This guy is rumored to be tapped to play Wade Garrett.

I know who they can get to play Wade Garrett:



I think it was far more her reaction to the Holly murder, than the actual murder itself.

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Shes definitely a double deuce at this point in her career

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There’ s always barber school.

Pain don’t hurt…but shitty woke remakes do.

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Your avatar is a mangina?

Triple deuce

222 lbs

Gold Jerry, GOLD…hehe