Rumor - Kikuta to replace Saku !

Strong rumor - Kikuta is available. Saku may still be available. Nothing official about his not being able to fight for medical reasons as of yet.

However, Kikuta's name is now being mentioned on several sites as a real possibility.

I hope to god its Igor and not Kikuta, Kikuta will get ko'd quickly and it will not be a good match to main event a card so good.

Kikuta will end up in even worse shape than Saku would because his takedowns suck.

i recall kikuta getting ko'd easily somewhere...

"i recall kikuta getting ko'd easily somewhere... "

Kondo and Nog. I rather see him in there than some of the other Japanese fighters that have fought Silva.

I think that he'll do better than Minowa, Kanehara, or Shungo. Not saying that he'll win, but if it hits the ground, he's got a chance.

Adcc champ

lol at Kikuta having "sucky takedowns"

I read on Gryphon's site that he was preparing to fight on New Year's Eve but his opponent got injured. Potentially, he's ready to fight.

Didn't Kakuta already fight Silva? Or am I taking crazy pills?

"is it official that Sak is out?"

Not yet.

igor would be an awesome fight

LOL at Kikuta having bad takedowns. Kikuta sets up tons of takedowns from the clinch....he would IMO take Silva down easy....

Kikuta has good takedowns, but he couldn't submit Rockel, and he doesn't take a good shot very well. However, unlike most of the Japanese guys Wanderlei has fought, Kikuta wouldn't be severely outsized.

Can someone give me a site where there is even speculation about Sakuraba not fighting Wandy?

News 1745 and 1750

Thanks Ryan.

" say Dana White ask BJ Penn to return to UFC 51 to face Frank Trigg but Penn turn offer down."

Sorry I just had to post that from that site. LOL What a load of B.S. People actually believing Fightsport LOL.

For the record, that site has a lot of cool info and is definitely worth checking out. The rumors Gryphon posts are strong rumors, not something made up (ala Fightsport) and he makes it clear that it's a rumor and not to be taken as fact. As far as Japanese MMA information goes, that site is the best, IMO.

That was the first place I read about Uno vs. the Thai guy. And so far, it's still the only place I've heard about Akiyama/Botha and Abidi replacing Bernardo.

lol @ the size comment, how quickly you forget about Otsuka and the tubby K-1 fighter. ;)

Nah, he had one moment in that fight pretty much, but I'd like to see a rematch so Vanderlei could obliterate him.

Igor would be good but I dont think thats a realistic option at this point...