rumor of Badr Hari's death?

just found this at some Dutch forum


goggs2009 - wow

some guys at the forum are still confirming it

Yeah, Hari was killed and some dude on a forum was able to get a close up shot of his dead face. Uh, yeah. ;-)

Dutch OMA?

 others spoke of a statement but also in Morocco and also with some details of location etc, we have contacted Mike's Gym and they said nothing about it but .... have been few days no contact with him and (this morning) sent SMS Badr self nav these messages is still not answered further we have not been able to find in the media but that says nothing, of course, the stories differ, but sometimes contain so much detail again that we still have decided to post this it does not mean it's true but that it's not so ... it's just a fact that there are several different reports in circulation about the possible death of Badr and it failed us today to get this confirmed or denied

Meohfumado - Dutch OMA?

I hope so coz that will be a mothafuckin loss in the world of K-1

 we have today from various angles and sounds received questions about a rumor that Badr would be deceased in an accident in Morocco Quote: Got a message in my mail or I have heard of Badr Hari. So I think about his alleged scuffle with BlinQ. So I told what was going on and said person: No man, that's old news. I'm talking about the fact that he is dead. He would have had an accident in Morocco.

ElChupacabra1982 - That pic doesnt look like Badr Hari imo.

Any translators here?

Am working but as soon as I get a second I'll translate. Quick run-through it seems legit though. :(

 thats not badr

That doesn't look like him, but man I hope this isn't true Phone Post

 appears to be a hoax according to the guys on that thread

Am finishing up here at work- 20 minutes and I'm on it.

fuck i hope thats not true, he is one of my favorite kickboxers.

Dutch Kickboxer Killed in Accident

UltraMagnus - That ain't him... he doesn't have a beard...

He actually has had a beard, and even if he didn't, it's not like he couldn't grow one in the long time where he's been out of sight.

Wouldn't surprise me if this is true but lets hope its just the Dutch OMA like someone else stated.

 at Bloodstain and our US friends:

not much is known for sure right now...

all I can say is that some guys got emails with this pic and the message if they already heard that Badr had died

that's about it

that was this morning (our time) and we made some calls etc

but no one could say for sure that the message was a fake

a textmessage was send to Badr personally as well by someone who expected him to reply ASAP

but 'till now...

no reply from Badr

and that's about all I've got to say 'bout that

I know there are peopl that say we (FC108) do this as a hoax or to get pageviews/ whatever...

but we're a Mike's Gym nuthuggers site dude...

we don't fuck around with those guys

and not with something like this

and pageviews??

fuck pageviews

I gotta pay for those man

and we have 0 paying ads here

just shit for good friends

like you and like Mike's Gym...

I hope this is BS rumor, he is my favourite K1 fighter.

 Hope its not true, he hasn't won his K-1 WGP yet....

threestars35 - 
Meohfumado - Dutch OMA?

I hope so coz that will be a mothafuckin loss in the world of K-1

That's what I'm hoping too.