Rumor On Eddie Alvarez UFC Deal

Just heard Luke Thomas from MMA Uncensored/MMA Fighting say he is hearing UFC has an offer on the table with Eddie.

He said this hasnt been confirmed, who knows if its true but this is what he is hearing.

UFC has an offer on the table that is good but not great. Its not Lombard money, Hector Lombard Money Bitches.

UFC feels they got burned on the Lombard deal and dont want to get burned again.

Who knows if its true, they could still be negotiating but Eddie probably takes the deal.

If the offer is good but not great that could allow Bellator to match it so its not a forgone conclusion that Eddie ends up in the UFC.

That last part about Bellator matching he didnt say I just figure if the deal is good but not great that allows Bellator to possibly match.

But it seems they are talking so I'd say beginning of Jan after the Holidays this should all be sorted out.

Wherever Eddie goes I hope he gets paid well, exciting fighter

No way they get burned with Eddie - he'll be a fan favourite in a year or two with the kind of exciting/high-level fights he's gonna put in each and every single time out. A guy worth investing into.

Lombard stinks. Can't blame the UFC. Phone Post

If they don't offer a great deal he will resign with bellator and get a title shot Phone Post

yellow's Willin - Lombard stinks. Can't blame the UFC. Phone Post

Ban for fighter bashing, Phone Post

Lombard had one shitty fight and anyone who has actually seen him fight before (not just highlight reels) knows he's done this before (see the Niko Vitale fight). No reason to take this out on Alvarez. Phone Post

Hopefully he signs and they make Alvarez vs Yves.

Yea I don't see how they could get burned with Alvarez. Phone Post

Until I see Bellator match anyone's deal, I'm not convinced they can linguistically.

That's what we heard in regards to the Lombard deal, not that they could have justified it financially either.

And you'd think they would have matched Nam's for sure to get a rematch to validate their champion or have him fail in the tournament so they could say the challenger was better. Nam's most recent loss was to Jesse Brock who just fought in their organization succumbing to Jimmie Rivera. But because the Nam loss to Brock happened outside their org, and he beat their champ more recently, he'd be wrongfully viewed as better than their #1 guy. The signing w/ WSOF didn't reflect well on Bellator, and when he inevitably loses plenty in WSOF because he's not that good and the Dantas win was a fluke, it will reflect even worse. So one would think logically that if Bellator could have matched his contract, they would have, especially w/ Viacom money backing.

Therefore, if Eddie signed an offer sheet, I'm assuming he's gone until proven otherwise, no matter the salary he's receiving.

caposa - Yea I don't see how they could get burned with Alvarez. Phone Post

This! Phone Post

Lombard got a ppv cut which bellator couldn't match, I doubt the ufc will offer Eddie that now

caposa - 

Yea I don't see how they could get burned with Alvarez. Phone Post

I agree, even if he goes and gets knocked out by someone you know he isnt gonna come in and do what Lombard did.

He may lose but he wont be in a boring fight, he will be in an exciting fight every single time out.

Eddie is better and more exciting than Lombard. Although it's true he's in a division that is overflowing with contenders.

I think they decided not to match for Nam because of the publicity the whole thing got along with Nam openly saying he didn't want to fight for Bellator. It would have reflected terribly on them, better to just stay away.


gonna be pissed if it doesn't end up happening.

eddie is a very different entertainment property than lombard. eddie is likeable and speaks english, and arguably has the better resume for mma.

Watch that video Damn posted you can tell eddie knows more than he is letting on, you can see it on his face when he says we'll know in 2 weeks. That means he is talking with the UFC and or Bellator and shit is getting worked out.

Think this will all be over by the first week of Jan, expect him to sign with the UFC, Bellator has the option to match, they wait for the holidays to be over and then decide and either match or let him go first of the year.