Rumor - Pudz vs Minowaman At Dream NYE?

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Minowaman vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski at DREAM 18? It's what I heard from a source close to the promotion, but I find that hard to believe.

Also other rumors for the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Phil Baroni will be taking on Mach Sakurai at DREAM's New Year's Eve card.
Undefeated Will Brooks will be fighting Shinya Aoki at DREAM's New Year's Eve card.
It's rumored that Joe Silva wasn't able to attend UFC 154 because he was recovering from a successful medical procedure. If this rumor is true, we wish the best for Silva.
Apparently Josh Thomson was seriously considering moving outside of the United States due to President Obama's reelection.
Nick Diaz didn't appreciate the video of him ranting about Georges St. Pierre being released on the internet.
According to the infamous Michael Hackler, old-school Vale Tudo will be the 'next big thing in Japan.'
Ronda Rousey vs. TBA may headline UFC 157. Hendo vs. Machida is not the main event of the card.
Not really a rumor, but an Asian MMA promotion that's never been featured on MiddleEasy issued some 'legal threats' towards us for using footage of their fighter on a ONE FC highlight reel we created.
This shouldn't be surprising, but Gegard Mousasi is in talks with the UFC but only under the condition that he drops to 185 lbs to 'fill out' the middleweight division.
Some people believe Luke Rockhold is ducking Lorenz Larkin so that he may enter the UFC as the Strikeforce champion.

They will need to put Machida/Hendo on the same card as Rousey headlining...

It wouldn't be Dream NYE without a good freakshow fight. Phone Post

Why is Minowaman fighting a SHW on a NYE show hard to believe? Pudz has been looking better but I got Minowa via heel hook.

Minowaman by forward roll into leglock.

Minowaman by not turning purple after 3 mins of exertion Phone Post

Minowa by Super Hluk


does sound interesting

Sweet! Minowa toehold Rd 2. NYE never die.

Damn, I hope Gegard can stay at 205. Really want to see him compete against some guts at that weight. Phone Post

I thought DREAM was finished? Did I miss something? Phone Post

UGCTT_SMASHED BY A BIG RIG! - It wouldn't be Dream NYE without a good freakshow fight. Phone Post

This! And minowaman is always down to face a giant muscled up freak and he usually prevails. Phone Post

I don't care who Minowa fights, just as long as he is on the card.

hell, have him run the gauntlet and just let him fight 10 times on New Year's Eve.

Wow, weird (yet somehow compelling) fight haha...

I learned to stop doubting Minowa because of his size long ago, look forward to potentially seeing this fight Phone Post