Not surprised…should have rode Christian Bale into old age then found a kid to play Terry McGuiness.


Baffleck doesn’t get credit but he was pretty good. It’s just awkward having a human in a black rubber suit conversing with gods.
But a grounded Baffleck movie could have been good.


These the same WB execs who insisted on reshooting and fucking up just about every DC movie they put their hands on?

There’s always the possibility the 4856384956th reiteration of something will be complete shit, but I give no merit to the tastes of Warner Brothers.


The faggit execs were so desperate to try and copy the Marvel comedies they did not realize what they had in Snyder. I grew up reading DC comics and they were always a far darker than Marvels comics.

Man of Steel was a proper movie, and the directors cut of even Batman vs Superman was far better than 90% of the garbage marvel put out. Still, a bit of unfair criticism for making a slightly more adult comicbook movie was enough to drive them off a cliff into this madness.

Nothing they put out will be good. Wonder Woman 84 is the kind of crap you can expect, along with Shazam. Watching this was my kids was excruciating



They killed Snyder’s vision and their own ongoing cash cow by editing down BvS into an unintelligible mess in the theatrical cut.

Zack Snyder fan boy circle jerk, lol. First time I’ve ever actually seen somebody defending man of steel and calling it a good movie.


If it gets delayed again I’m out bruh

If you did not hang around with low test homos it would not be the first time you heard someone say something positive about Man of Steel. The vast majority of the people who criticize it complain that its not a Marvel clone.

90% of the garbage Marvel put out was completely forgettable, production line consumer trash. My kids enjoy it, but they are kids and their balls have not dropped yet either.


He delivered a 4 hour bloated cut. What did he expect?

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Man of steel is complete and total garbage for a number of reasons. Thanks for the laugh.

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Careful man, Snyder fan boys think ‘‘the snyder cut’’ is a modern day godfather.

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Batman vs Superman directors cut is 3hrs and IMO would still have been doable at the cinema.

I think you’re confusing it with the Justice League movie.

Yes I think you are right.

Anyway Pattionson recently signed a big deal with WB so I don’t know why they’d sign him if his batman is such a bomb?

Batman and every DC movie has alway sucked.


This is how I know someone is a future aids patient

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Man of steel is a shit movie because a Dark broody Superman who swears, breaks villain necks and kills half of metropolis in collateral damage without giving one fuck is a shit version of superman.


Take it easy there princess there is always Christopher Reeves Superman if you need a safe space. Some of us just want to watch an adult movie from time to time rather than the mindless capeshit comedies that marvel puts out.