Rumors indicate Luis Scole to...

...join the Spurs this offseason. For Spurs fan 'in the know' we've waited 4 years for this guy. It's gotten to the point where we were just going to trade away the rights to Scola for something, maybe, better.

This isn't 100%, just a rumor.

Crap I spelt his name wrong in the title.

not that i automatically am skeptical of insider reports from SpursReport and Spurstalk, but I find the reports of Scola to be a little premature.

Yes, they're coming from the Spurs side and not the euro side (like the Javtokas reports last year), but without some king of public knoweledge of what's going on with likely MLE targets of Nocioni, Pietrus, and longshot G Wallace, I'm not sure the Spurs would confidentlty assign at least half of the MLE to Scola without being certain first about the other guys.

Now maybe on the inside there's plenty of info out there that the Spurs have to let them know for certain those guys wouldn't be available, so I suppose they might have already given up on the nba free agent market taking up the MLE.

Besides, signing anybody to the MLE would be a renunciation of the 2008 plan pretty much.

Could you imagine having Oberto/Scola/Ginobli coming off the bench? It would be easier for Scola making the transision playing with two guys he's played with for a very long time. I just hope it happens.

I think if we're going to move anybody we need to include the rights to Javtokas because apparantly this guy was riding the pine this last year and he's not the same player he once was.

Javtokas is the same player he was last year, but if there was ever a euro more suited for the nba than euro ball it's him. He might be the only euro big man who can't shoot worth a damn or dribble or pass. But he's a one man wrecking crew who couldn't get off the bench with PAO because he had no offensive skills to suit the coaches demands of his big men.

I'd love Scola that's for sure.

I have a hard time though believing that both Scola and Mahinmi would be able to have roster spots. Mahinmi just made the French national team (a big sign of his improvement) and will be on the Spurs summer league team, so I definately see him as someone the Spurs could end up signing for next year.

I don't know what the fuck we're gonna wind up with dude. I'm so sick of Spurs drafting the "Euro Talents" but we have to wait 2-5 years to see them in a uni, IF we do at all. Ginobili and Oberto have worked out. Beno, has not. I want to see these guys on our team.


I want just ONE back to back.

We've got 4 Titles but no back to backs.

I was reading in an interview Pop did that the Spurs would love to have Scola and Scola would love to be a Spur, BUT Pop is sick of Scola's buyout.

that's probably the best comparison.

imo, Javtokas = poor man's Biedrins because he' a little slower/less agile.

But that's still pretty good considering Biedrins will be getting a deal probably starting at 10 mil per.

lol, didn't take wrong for that rumor to blow up.

Right after one of SpursReport insider mods made a big deal about this, another came in and shot it down as having no chance.

So Scola = not likely.

lol, here's an update for 7-1-07 . . .

ZERO chance in hell Scola plays for the Spurs this year!

lol, it's OVA!

Let's just fucking trade him then. I'm so sick of this Scola shit every offseason. Of course if we try to trade him he'll probably tell the team he won't play for them.

Spurs refuse to trade him because all they get offered is second round picks.

These teams are trying to work the Spurs over for cheap, and they're right to do it. They know like anyone else the Spurs have zero interest in bringing Scola over because of a variety of reasons (mutual dislike between parties being the biggest factor), and they're just waiting on the Spurs to give in.

Scola is very affordable, all he wants is a 3 year deal for 9/10. IF another team can get the Spurs to lighten up, he will be an absolute steal.

The only thing to be optimistic about is that there haven't been any public statements yet from Scola or his agent. If he comes out guns blazing attacking the Spurs for being 'slavemasters' as the agent has done before, things wouldn't look too good as the Spurs would continue to refuse to trade him out of spite.

But if there's an article that breaks in the next 2-5 days about how hopeful Scola is for the NBA and how he's ready to buy out his contract and he's ready to live his dream of the NBA and he just hopes to get the opportunity . . . then chances of a trade go up IMO.

Basically everyone is waiting to see where Wallace/Rashard/MoWilliams/Nocioni/Darko fall in line with regards to the drying up of everyone's MLE hopes of getting someone for cheap. After that's taken care of in the next few days, I would expect the teams that have MLE left (like Chicago) to turn their attention to guys like Scola and other euros like Papaloukis etc.

I read an article today that mentioned Scola as part of a potential sign and trade for Nocioni. Here's a clip from the article:

"Another player to consider is 6-9 Argentinean power forward Luis Scola, who averaged 17 points and 7.2 rebounds in the Spanish league for Tau Ceramica. San Antonio has held Scola's rights since 2002, and he has a sizable buyout in his Spanish contract. But so did Nocioni.

Scola, 27, is a potential inside scorer and has been billed by some as the best player not currently in the NBA. Theoretically, the Spurs could sign Scola and send him to the Bulls in a sign-and-trade for Nocioni. Cound represents both players."

a Nocioni for Scola plus filler trade has been bandied about by some Tribune writers, people that are Bulls insiders basically, and I think would make sense for both sides.

It would have to include Barry I believe to work under the BYC rules.

Nocioni's future in Chicago is capped by having to play behind Deng, and there will be fewer minutes to have at PF with Noah there now. Nocioni is the their most expendable and yet high value piece, they can lose him and still have all their starters and still do well.

If it was up to me though, I'd rather have Scola. He's a highly skilled post scorer, and I love the idea of having someone draw attention in the post when Duncan is sitting down. Just like prime Malik Rose used to in the 02 and 03 seasons when he was a legit 6th man of the year candidate.

But if Scola got the Spurs Nocioni that's nothing to sneeze at. When the Spurs go small he'd be a perfect PF in the small line-up . . . and with him on the team everyone would forget to call Bruce Bowen dirty, lol.

Also, Nocioni always has nagging injuries.

He had the plantar fasciitis all year. And beyond that it's always something else, like his knees or his elbow . . . that guy wears more pads and braces than a football player.

Scola has the power of Samson, as long as he keeps his long greasy hair.