running escape


Let's say you pull off the running escape and you're on your left side (so your right arm is the one facing your opponent). IF the other guy has decent base and is working to figure four your right arm, what's the best option?

If you park and stay there for very long (which Saulo seems to do on his instructional), you're going to lose the arm, and then too many bad options exist (armbar, etc.). You can get to turtle before he gets your arm, but I personally don't much care for playing from turtle.

Are there any options? Basically, if the other guy is patient, knows what you're doing, and works to get your exposed arm, I have a very difficult time w/ the running escape.

Also: I'm primarily no-gi.


Key to the running esc is to weld your top arm and thigh to your torso and leave no space to get your arm hooked.

If he is starting to get the arm isolated i suggest to start moving to get the arm free from control, even if it means going back to your back for an instant.

plus, the running escape is designed to work against someone who has both of their arms on one side of your body. To me, there are very few options other than the running escape from there that make a lot of sense.

Put your top thigh over your arm and squeeze it inwards.