Running MMA Show in MN?

I made this thread about a year and a half ago and found out it really wasn't feasbile for me to run one and basically forgot everything. However a buddy and a person with a little bit of $$$ are interested in running one. Once again, what would I need to run an MMA show in minnesota? is it similar to boxing?

what kind of show are you wanting to put on? PRO or local?

uhm, he is looking at a pro/am

best thing to do is contact the current promoters- they'll have the best access to fighters and you can also make sure you're not stepping on anyone else's dick.


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Samurai Clown:

Any particular area in the state you are committed to? I just
was at an NFA show in E. Grand Forks. It is Kris Ottem's
show and I don't know the numbers, but they drew a real
good crowd there and have shows there fairly regularly.

Brock and Jared put on a show in Brainerd, usually once a
year, and they draw real well there, too. In The Cities, Monte
and Dave Menne put on shows and seem to always do real
well, the XKK (Nick Gamst and Jon), and maybe a few more
have shows there. There are fairly regular shows in
Rochester (Jamie Klair), and still some in Owatonna. DFC
has had some shows in Thief River at the 7 Clans Casino
and those shows do real well. There seem to be other shows
that pop up, too, but I am not sure who runs them.

I agree that it would be in yours and everyones' best interest
to try to coordinate with the other promoters if possible to
decide the best location, date, etc. You would do better at
your gate, and so would they, fighter availability would be
better for everyone, and all dicks would remain uninjured,
which is always a good thing. Nothing like a sore dick to
make people cranky.

Did you ever settle on a place to train in MN?



Well we are looking all around central minnesota but i think the most likely place he wants to hold it is in st. cloud or a close city.

Hell, if i could get in contact with some promoters, pick their brains and make sure there will be no problems, that would be great. I just hope i can get that to happen.

As for training, I went to house of pain in annandale a few times but the problem is gas $$. its about a half hour drive one way and my car sucks on milage. as for trainning, i decided to concentrate on my boxing so im working out at the st. cloud golden gloves gym.

Stepping on dicks in general is just a bad thing

What i would do is contact a couple of the fight teams around here and see what the schedules look like- they could also probably put you in touch with the promoters- teams i can think of off the top of my head

bisons- mike reilly
kujo- dave kujowski
crazy- jeff luhman
dave menne
Minnesota Martial Arts Academy- Greg Nelson
team xkk- nick ganst

those are the teams i know about in the twin cities/rochester area- i would start there. Good luck dude.

I think I would talk to people already doing shows - Nick Gamst, Jami Klair, Dave Menne, Bruce nelson and a few others and figure out where you would fit in.

The very very last thing MN needs is one more inexperienced promoter running a show.

Also and i hate to sound like a dick - but it is 100% true - If you can't afford gas $ to train....DO NOT RUN A SHOW. If you can't afford to do it right and risk a loss - DON'T DO A SHOW - YOU ARE NOT READY TO RISK FIGHTS OR THE SPORTS REPUTATION. Work for a promotion for a while and have some of your own funds to play with. The sport already has too many promoters eating govenment cheese - this is not a business for the poor


jaydub is correct, im not the one putting up the $$ for the show, im simply trying to get some info together for him. but i do appreciate your concern and i think you're 100% correct on the no money to train/don't run a show thing.

simply put, i've been to some shitty pro boxing cards where it seemed like everything was put together in about 30 minutes. that is not something i like to see nor something i would like to be involved in because it only hurts everyone involved. thats part of the reason i'm on here asking for help and pointers so its something run right and not half assed.

reilly, you used to work for the icc didn't you? do you have any pointers other than to not do it half assed?

I would actully call and or meet with people in the area who know what they are doing.
Jami and Nick are great resourses - but you will also have to explain to them why they should help a new promotion start in a territory they could take themselves. feel free to call me as well - but be warned - I really am a JERK
612 386-4458

One thing off the top though - single most important thing for any promotion...It must make $. If the show can not make $ it should not exist


The majority of shows in MN could take Mike Reilly's advice. I am sick of seeing glorified bar fights. Not good for the sport.

how about kohlers "Ultimate Street Fighting" Shows..... muhahahaha wtf?

I never saw any of those, thank the Lord!

-Doing a better job promoting than some of the existing promoters should be within reach of your 1st show...
-Just keep your word, offer fair matchups or at least be honest in informing competitors on who they are fighting, and look out for ALL your fighters not just your friends and team and you will be ahead of many "veteran" promoters.

" The very very last thing MN needs is one more inexperienced promoter running a show. " LMFAO