Running Today

Me and a few of the guys from the gym are running today at 11am. Meeting across the street from the main entrance to Samford U on Lakeshore.

Gonna run and hit some stadiums as well. Anyone interested just show up!

I need to start just bringing my gear bag to work regardless if I plan on working out or not, cause if I did I would make it for that.

Strangle you still interested in the Triathlon? Blazer is in, but bigworm is acting all flakey cause he'll have to get up before 8 AM once in his life.

is Blazer still in with his knee all jacked? I am also acting flakey...I am trying to get my friend to let me use his bike, but he is being a bitch about it because it cost him like 3 grand. I will let you know.

anyone up for running today? davis? blazerintraining?

Across from Samford on Lakeshore at 11.

u down?

WORD. Just meet me on that trail directly across from the university entrance. See ya there.

hot girls galore that place is

edited to say: I want to run like I did in my dream!

Blazer is definitely right about the girls. A good number of them are Samford girls. Plus you know they arent fat because they are runners. If you guys start going when im not on shift or at school im definitely in.