What is considered a good time to run three miles. I have done it the other day in 27 min. I know this is not great time but I am not much of a runner. I guess what is a good time for a well conditioned person and not a runner. Somebody who is involved in other sports?

I do triathlons and my three mile is about 20 min on a good day. There are plenty of people that are a lot faster than me though. I try to improve my own time instead of look at what other people do. If you do 27 make it a goal to do it in 25.

18-24 min is decent time. that about 6-8 min. miles

When I run I don't run for distance (eg 3 miles), I run for time (eg 30 mins) and try cover a much ground as possible in that time.


fuck that man way way TOO much for me to time :(.

I suck as the running!

Explosive stuff on the other hand is my forte. Just no running stamina over a distance!

Good time to me man. Good avg mile.


18 min is 100 points in the Marine Corps PT test. I always do it in like 20:45. Some freaks do it under 17:00. The minimun for the Marine Corps is 23 or 24 min...can't remember exactly...

Ran 2 miles this morning in 16 min. A little better I guess.