Somebody had posted a thread about running that I can't find to reply to, but I wanted to mention a book called _Running With the Whole Body: A 30-Day Program to Running Faster With Less Effort_ by Jack Heggie.

It is based on Feldenkrais' methods and, IMHO, an excellent addition to any runner's library. I ran track in High School and my first year of college, and I still learned from the book and improved my running. Whole-body awareness and integration is excellent for any athelete, but especially Martial Artists:)

Look in SAVED THREADS, and get yourself Slavyanskiy Byeg - Effortless Running Gait at (more info at

Hi Scott,

I do have the Slavyanskiy Byeg tape, as well as the rest of the complete Zdorovye package, not to mention Fisticuffs, Shockability, and BeBreatehed, with the LegFencing and Flow tapes on order:)

I only watched the Slavyanskiy Byeg tape once, some time ago when I received it, so I might be remembering incorrectly, but isn't the endurance gait for mediumish pace running? "Trotting" as Chomycia and ironRex put it.

Way back in October of 2001, there was a brief discussion of integrating Feldenkrais' and ROSS methods and looking for something to help my race pace, I picked up the aforementioned book.

It has very specific exercises and suggests that if you have pain (in your knees or whatever) that it could quite possibly be caused by the incorrect use of your body. Which is what I thought might help the original poster.

The thread I was looking for was about barefoot running, I believe, and I did not see it in the current or saved threads view.

Anyway, let me apologize for posting a non-ROSS response on a ROSS discussion board- I will certainly endeavour to stay on topic in the future!


SB is 2nd gear - walking, trotting, jogging, sprinting.

Check out in Leg Fencing the "accordian" exercise. This should help your pelvic shock absorption.