Rupture Clothing - Monthly Giveaway



We're going to be giving away an item monthly to UG members.  We'll kick off the giveaway with a pair of our signature fight shorts.  The first pair will be given away July 5th.


We started doing this on the myspace BJJ forum we sponsor, and the members really took to the idea.  So we thought we'd spread a bit of goodwill on Bullshido, where we sponsor the MMA forum, as well as here.


All that is required is filling out the registration form, and entering the registration code (DREAMERMMA) as well as your UG screen name in the Registration Code and Screen Name fields.  The registration form can be found here:


There's absolutely no obligation or strings attached to win.  The drawing is random, and we even pay for shipping.  Once you win you're not eligible to win something else for 12 months, but that's about it. If you already have an account on the site, just log in and update your information with the registration code and screen name, and you'll be automatically entered to win.


We'd like to ask the winners to give us an honest review of our products if they would like, once they had a chance to try them out.  But this is not required either.  And it doesn't have to be as complicated as the myspace review, though we won't say no :).


Myspace review


Thanks, and good luck!  We'll post the winner's screen name here on July 5th.

piratepirate - I signed up

 Solid!  Good luck to you man!





signed up!

Sweet! Registered.

Thanks guys.   There's more activity on this thread than the one on the UG, it seems :).