Rupture Signature Series Short Sleeve Rash Guard

That is the title of an article I recently read by Seattle Martial Arts Examiner, Bryan Edge-Salois. If you read this article you will know the minds behind this very nice fight clothing and understand why Rupture clothing is going to "rupture" the MMA world. I started wearing their products and now I am addicted to them. Their rash guard is fantastic. The price is great, their design is beautiful and the material is fantastic. It feels thicker than the other rash guards in the market. Also, their printing/logo will not peel off after you roll a few times because they are bled into the fabric with water-based inks. Another great thing about this product is their 2 inches cut longer than normal. In sum, this is the BEST rash guard in the market. CONGRATULATIONS to Rupture Clothing!!!

I have the short sleeve. I got one in white and one in gray, and to be clear mine looks slightly different than the one pictured here. it has the bigger "Rupture fightwear" going across the chest and the rupture logo on the back of the neck. It's an elegant/understated design, and I appreciate that. With some of the other rashguards I've owned made me feel like I was sticking out like a sore thumb at some of the wrestling practices I attended.

The material the rashguards are made of is very smooth, has a silky feel to it. it's very light and doesn't give off much friction if you aren't directly gripping at it (or I guess with it). The stitching is very thick,

I've used this rashguard for Nogi BJJ, wrestling, and under my Gi. I'm not the best with caring for my stuff, I leave it in my trunk for days (even after training) throw it in the washer and dryer without giving it a second thought (I never hang dry). I've had it for a while and there is practically no wear on it, no shrinking, no color fade. Kind of reminds me of the stride bubble gum commercials.

the best part is at this price I got a second long sleeve rashguard to give to a friend who was shipping out with the marines, even though the price was lower than most other rashguards I still felt like I was getting my buddy the best rashguard I could.

I got a couple of these rash guards almost a year ago. Like RamK, the ones I have are a little different than the one pictured and have the big RUPTURE logo across the chest. I also own a few sprawl rash guards and a couple Under Armour rash guards. The Rupture gear just feels better and is just as silky after 100 rolls as it is after the first roll. The shoulders and sides are double stitched for strength (unlike the Under Armour which tear under too much stress) but the fabric stays soft and doesn't get rough like my sprawl guards have.

Like I said about the shorts in my fight short review, I am saddened when packing my bag to go train and I discover I don't have a clean Rupture rash guard to roll in.

This is the rashguard:

it looks, feels, and most importantly fits great! on and the prices are CRAZY good!

Looks: I like Rupture stuff and plan to stick to them as my only source of training gear because they make gear for GROWNUPS: not a single flame, dragon, skeleton, or sword in sight, thus i would not look like a tool while sweating my ass off in the gym!

Feels: probably the best i've worn so far, that includes normal "training" shirts. I have two of them, a Bullshido signature (i keep dreaming they'll make more. i LOVE it) and a Battlescars tee, both feel sturdy while light, unlike another brand which i won't name but whose Affliction seems to be making flimsy, high-priced shirts that i am afraid to wear in the gym for fear of tearing them ;)
the Rashguard is even better: heavy stitching on every seam, NO sew-on label (thank you Rupture) and the super-secret, super-useful extra length around the waist. i LOVE that! Oh and i don't know what they did to make the cloth wick sweat the way it does. really. i usually sweat like a turkey on Thanksgiving while training, yet like i said, the Rupture rashie lessens the problem. I love this rashguard!

Fits: this could be thrown in with the "feels" category but i decided to keep it separate because of how much i like the fit! i am 5,10 and 210 pounds, and usually order stuff to Large and X-Large, that would usually fit around my shoulders and chest (and waist ;P) that would make a loose fit. anything smaller than large i don't dare buy because i'd look like i'm about to burst out of my clothes ;)
However with Rupture gear i can confidently order stuff in Medium and be sure that it will actually fit like a glove, LIKE A GLOVE I SAY. I had previously ordered stuff from Rupture in size Large, and those were great too (Bullshido signature tee, i wish they'd make more of those :/) but from now on my stuff comes in Medium!

A couple of more things, not directly related to the quality of the gear but might be considered as important as all of the above as deciding factors:

Price: I love Rupture pricing.
I won this rashguard in a competition but i did buy those shirts, and i WILL buy more gear next month!
one reason why i plan to buy only from Rupture in the future is their pricing scheme. all their gear is decently priced, even with shipping (i live in Sweden so retailers from USA usually have a field-day deciding how much they'd gouge me for shipping!)
and gear obtained locally has a higher price due to the heavy sales-taxes here.
in short: Pricing is great. i confidently say the rashguard is worth twice what you pay for!

Friendliness: Rupture is a very friendly place to buy from, and despite being busy no doubt they always take time to answer any questions i have oh and Nick is GREAT to deal with. All this makes the company feels like its run by my friends , and I am always glad to buy from friends!