Ruslan Magomedov vs. Shawn Jordan

Up next... i got Magomedov 

Taking Jordan. Phone Post 3.0

Good thing the Russian is tall enough for his name to fit on the hoodie

Jordan for the upset Phone Post 3.0

Shawn weighed in 20 lbs heavier. Wonder how much heavier he is now.

damn... Jordan said his rib is broken

Jordan's a fucking stud Phone Post 3.0

What's wrong with his arm? Birthmark? Or mole? Or just weird hair? Phone Post 3.0

Saw Jordan shake his arm after kimura. Holding his side.

Heavyweights yeah!! Phone Post 3.0

Jordan = warrior

Fuck these fans

Jordan has a broken rib and catches a toe to the fucking eyeball

He goes to step back and reset

And the boo him. Phone Post 3.0

boxy - 2nd straight garbage fight.
And another cunt reveals himself Phone Post 3.0

Crowd is getting restless

Guy should be kicking that rib

fights have been great too Phone Post 3.0

boxy - lol... the crowd is entertaining itself.

This fight is trash.
completely disagree. watching with a room full of people from my gym and everyone is loving it. magomedov's striking is amazing. Phone Post 3.0

The crowd are dicks. The last one was slow but this is a decent fight. Phone Post 3.0

Interesting fight. Phone Post 3.0