Russia claims they killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

So, that's fun. I think that's funny. Because he was a mass-murdering fuck-head.

I'm surprised this thread doesn't get more traction on the OG. If true, it's great news. One fucker less.

Chimonos Revenge - IF we had just let Russia wipe them all out in the 80's and didn't get involved in a proxy war with them, training muslims in weapons, bombs, and terrorism, we wouldn't have all the issues now.

Remember Rambo 3 where they portrayed the Mujahideen as Freedom Fighter good guys simply because they were fighting the Russians?

My how times have changed.

They were for the most part. Afghanistan was very complicated after the Taliban took power.

The Northern Aliance was much more moderate and were from a time when discos and western style living was a thing in Kabul. My best friends father fought with them against the Russians. He later moved to New York and raised a family.

Now he's back in Kabul working as a translater for our side. Dude makes bank 

good.... hopefully the next space race is killing all the terorrists


Your move USA