Russia invades Ukraine!

Nobody is excited. What are you even talking about?
It’s not insane to advise caution. A nuclear exchange can wipe out humanity.
Spouting Fox news ideals from the armchair isn’t courage.
This is a time for reason to shine.

the next man to loot billions from them and imprison or poison anyone who dares to oppose him.

We agree that Zelensky is evil and needs to die.

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I wish I’d share your optimism.

I would say the difference is Russia has put a great deal of effort and a lot of their pitiful GDP towards getting not much military capability. They were spending 4%ish of GDP for a decade and this is what they end up with? That’s slightly more than what France and West Germany spent during the height of the cold war. This is basically as good as Russia can get.

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i didnt even know that… it just seems this website shows videos that arent filtered off twitter and youtube or washington post… i couldnt care where the videos come from as long as they are legit

Dude, there is no way to spin Russia into not being strong.
Corrupt- yes.
Badly led - yep.
Disorganised, mislead, economically weak and so forth - all of that, definitely.

But there’s few countries right now that can match them in military might. Whether we like it or not.

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what are you even talking about?? they are fighting against nato weaponry and holding their own… they havent even scratched the surface yet of full military capability as it is still just a special operation… the whole of ukraine would be devastated by now if they didn’t care about civilian casualties…

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Really how long do you think the Russian army would survive with NATO airpower attacking it (even excluding the US)?

depends what weapons are used

Airdrop probably Oranus

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The rightwing groups formerly known as Alt Right are not monolithic in regards to Russia.
This alone makes @Ghengiseanie 's claim ridiculous.
Richard Spencer, who could have been considered the face of the ALt Right (who also came up with the name) is staunchly anti Russian pro American in this conflict.

Bitchute was for a long time the only platform that didn’t actively resist anti-establishment narratives, with the strongest being those coming from the Alt Right.

Could it be that the alt right is the fabrication of the russians and the divisive invention to bring down America within?

Russia is pathetic at positive cultural influence. They were great at one time in regards to subversion. But they have nothing to sell. The opposition to globohomo is a natural reaction. This is basically another lame variation of Hitler was a secret zionist! which even Lavrov larped about a few days back.

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If they were facing NATO armoured units or air forces you might have an argument. Whichever way you slice it Ukraine has being provided with NATO anti-tank weapons and (only recently) artillery. Plus the drones.

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How long would the US survive when ICBMs start to fly?

This is retarded and would legitimise everything the Russians were saying for years.

you have to be kidding… nearly all of it is nato… hell even UK modified neptune missiles are hitting their ships

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I guess Russia would have go nuclear after their air force gets swept from the air and their army is decimated from the air.

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emp is their super weapons… satellite destroyers etc… nato will be dead in the water without a nuke even flying… this is a big boys game

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But it’s only a tiny fraction of NATO capabilities. If they give Ukraine f16s etc. come back then…

all of natos planes will fall out of the sky… then what lol… yeah i know… just speculation

Does it work though? I’ve never looked into EMPs but one OGer who seemed to have put in the research was adamant that most of it is speculative and in early stages at best.

For the record, my great concern remains that idiots push us into ww3, under the dumb cheers and moos of the lobotomised goyim
Russia baaaaaaad

And for what? For this shit?
zel 179995


You honestly think Russia has better R&D than the west??

What lever technology is now and barely working for them was likely done years ago & been already has an antidote.

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i am not denying western R&D but it would be fallacy to think that russia aren’t developing hightech weapons as well… they may also work with china on projects…

if you think putin is expecting to be decimated by NATO air superiority and not have any cards up his sleeve then you would be a fool

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