Russia invades Ukraine!

I’m sad. I have been wanting to learn Russian for the past 5 years, and have made some progress, but alas, that is done. Fuck Putin, and seeing as he is the Czar of Russia at the moment, I will have to refrain.

I think I’m going to choose Korean for my 3rd language now.


“I support the thing!”

–NPC FedorFerguson

Zelensky’s wife complaining how hard the war is on her:

The first lady, who has two children with Mr Zelensky, told Ukraine’s RADA TV: “Our family was torn apart, as every other Ukrainian family.

“He lives at his job. We didn’t see him at all for two-and-a-half months.

While that dumb bitch is complaining about nothing, this is the current state of her husband’s war:

When will the real Ukrainians figure out the Zelenskys and Kolomoiskys don’t give a flying fuck about them or their country?

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Severodonetsk has fallen: Ukrainian forces reportedly retreating from key frontline city

KYIV, Ukraine — After weeks of ferocious fighting, Ukrainian forces are reportedly making a hasty retreat from the besieged city in the country’s east.

The city of Severodonetsk, the administrative center of the Luhansk region, has faced a relentless Russian attack. Ukrainian troops fought the Russians in house-to-house battles before retreating to a huge chemical factory on the city’s edge, where they holed up in its sprawling underground structures.

In recent days, Russian forces have made significant gains around Severodonetsk and the neighboring city of Lysychansk, on a steep bank across the river, in a bid to encircle Ukrainian forces.

Luhansk Gov. Serhiy Haidai said that the Ukrainian troops have been given the order to retreat from Severodonetsk to prevent being encircled.

“We will have to pull back our guys due to the threat of being encircled. The number of casualties is growing every day.”

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The irony being that Yoga isn’t eastern in origin. A gay, Danish Nazi is the main inventor.
Hail Yoga, I guess?

You’re all over the place. I can’t follow your logic, you’re talking about nato invoking article 5, sombody shooting at Russian ships, maybe turkey i think… Ports in the black sea being worthless, in this war or some other war.

Nothing you’re saying makes any sense. If they’re worthless, why did the Ukrainians mine them? Is there a scenario where Russians don’t already have a navy in the black sea? Why is crimea so important to the Russians and why does Ukraine want it back? How far back do you want to go in history to see nations fighting over crimea? I think you’ve lost your mind in all of this.

What would me commenting on the importance of warm water ports to Russia and Ukraine have to do with my stance on nonintervention? Seriously man get a grip.

I can only assume that means your homeless.

In fairness the sanctions crunch isn’t really ever intended for the average citizen of Russia. Maybe for some of the oligarchs but that’s about it. The only thing they feel is the backlash from the unimportant shit like Mc Donalds pulling their business along with other companies. If the average Russia citizen isn’t feeling much of the sanction then the sanction is I guess working as designed.

Even if it’s a country like Russia, you can’t ever aim sanctions at the innocent citizens. They’re as much of a victim in certain circumstances. Now, of course not every citizen is innocent but you do have to treat them that way. You can’t start sanctioning to hurt the common man. They have nothing to do with this. They might cheer on after the fact but being misguided or under the influence of propaganda isn’t a crime imo. If it were Tony would be behind bars.

Lol. According to an official statement from the Russian military, they destroyed 914 artillery and mortars in just one day. They are literally just making numbers up. This country is the most corrupt and lying government in all of Europe. And it’s amazing watching the Putin apologists eat their shit up like a flock of sheep.


Surrender and be sentenced to death. It’s a bargain.


Everyone who doesn’t absolutely agree with leftist narrative = Putin Apologist. All you’ve done is replace “Nazi”, “Sexist”, “Racist” with a new phrase. Same childish behavior, new phrase.

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