Russia: Poland next

At this point the Lichtenstein guard could give the Russian army a hard time.

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Just because you aren’t paying attention, does not mean that the US, S Korea, Japan and Taiwan aren’t still playing close attention.

How could you not know what I’m talking about ? I was responding to your drivel and quoted you directly

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Taiwan is also. Ot the Ukraine. Much more modern and competent forces.

Turn off cnn bro.
Ukraine is getting their asses whooped

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The United States isn’t going to do a damn thing for Taiwan, except arms the same as Ukraine. No one said the countries weren’t watching China you make up assumptions and try to make it fact. No one in general outaide of that paying any attention to it, you want me spell that out in crayon for you

Hmmm,. Let’s see

Yea, that’s exactly what you said. Tard

Everybody is broad term idiot. What countries did I specifically name,?

How? If Russia is any indication, trying to land troops and the mass amounts of paratroopers needed is immense and extremely vulnerable to air defenses. At this point, China knows there is no way in hell they will occupy that fortress. They’d have 200,000 dead Chinese who they saw 100 miles away.

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It don’t matter they have millions alone in their active military and millions more in the reserves unlike Russia and other military lus they are prepared to lose more. They will get Taiwan, they have said it themselves

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Maybe, they are much more vulnerable to sanctions, even though it will sucks for us, we can break China easily with sanctions due to their mass imports, also the unified response from the west pushed off China imo.

besides Taiwan, iirc China has about 27 disputes ongoing about territory. Although Taiwan is of course high profile and they are building their unsinkable island carriers near Taiwan and the global impact is much hogher than other territories, China is not in a rush and just waiting, the time is not now.


That’s kind of an Achilles heel for both of us China and the U.S economys are both reliant on each other. I agree with that it hurts both of us


You mean like this?