Russia’s Warship Makarov spotted at sea



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Ghost of Kiev - bullshit
Snake island - bullshit
Hospital bombing - bullshit
Bucha massacre- bullshit

More bullshit

  • Ukrainian father crying as he hugged his daughter was actually a pro-Russian rebel in Donbas preparing to fight Nazi Azov Battalion
  • 13 Ukrainian soldiers “killed” on Snake Island actually surrendered and are alive and well
  • Russian tank that ran over civilian car in Kyiv was a Strela-10 Ukrainian air defense system
  • Photos of Zelensky in military garb with a helmet on are from 2021 border inspection
  • Video of Ukrainian MiG-29 shooting down a Russian Su-35 was a Digital Combat Simulator animation
  • Russian cruise missile that blew up the side of a residential building was actually a Ukrainian air-defense missile fired by the Ukrainian military
  • Viral video of Ukrainian pilot shooting down Russian jet was a screen recording from Arma 3 video game
  • Russian supply convoy that Ukrainian military blew up was a Ukrainian convoy
  • Ukrainian military lied about blowing up 56 tanks that included General Tushayev
  • Russian jet bombing near residential homes appears to be a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter targeting Russian troops

Is the timing right? Was it spotted after it was supposedly sunk?

The whole thing is a troll on the people.

Putin and Biden met before, " the war" and discussed it.

Putin even said in a early war interview,

that he was " playing his part".