Russia vs USA: Russia's Response


After return to Russia from USA we want to inform all fans of mix-fight about the results of tournament in USA .

The start was rather good but surprises appeared on the second day after coming of Russian fighters. On the licensing commission there was announced to us that some fighters need to pass again medical test (they were lost by the commission). During the way to the hospital for passing these tests it was told to us that Jeff Monson has received trauma during the training and the opponent of Roman will be Travis Wiuff. Really, Red Devil fighting Team was not ready for such situation. Roman was prepared to fight with Jeff Monson, studied his fighting technique and about style and tactic of Travis Wuiff we now nothing. Certainly we discussed this information and understand that can happens the worst, but we hoped for the best anyway. Then, on the weighting there was announced for us that fight of Denis Komkin is cancelled because of trauma of his opponent. In spite of that American matchmakers had replacement fighter and we agreed to fight this way, athletic commission of the state forbade to hold this fight because of that American fighter had no time to pass his medical tests.


In Saturday evening 13 of March big amount of people began to appear in casino for looking the fights. Tournament started! On the 5 000 arena there were about 3000 - 3500 spectators. After short official opening ceremony fights started! Results of the event you can find on


American matchmakers worked good and gathered really good fighting team. All fighters fought very well, but used forbidden technique very often. Our fighters also showed good fights and stand technique but really loosed in the ground. Russian fighters have practice of the fights with limited time, according to mixfight rules if during the fight there is no active actions in the ground then after 1 minute the fighters are standing in stand. But this is not mixfight, not Russia and here are other rules. Also important thing was the difference in weight – almost all American fighters came from more heavy weight category. They changed their weigh and in the day of fights they mostly have their ordinary weight. We almost have no any information about American fighters. Unexpected change in the most important fight. All these are a normal tactical wangle (artfulness). The main claims are according unskilled or designedly incorrect judging. There are appellations for the results of four fights (Bogdanov, Goliaev, Zentsov, and Semenov). By the words of American part – all judges and referees were from the athletic commission of the state and have official MMA licenses of judges. But we are sure that their judgment was in one side. Referees and judges didn't see or didn't want to see numerous infractions from the American fighters.

It is not simply the opinion of the Russian team, we have videos of all fights and we have sent the notice of appeal to the athletic commission of the state and to the detached experts from I.M.A. Americans have promised to look through the appellation and give us reply during one week. Official count is 8-1 now with our advantage .

But we are sure that real result of the tournament must be joint team draw. Four real wins of Americans, one draw in the fight Semenv– Prangley, win of Serguei Kaznovskiy. In the fights of Mikhail Bogdanov– Justin Eilers and Roman Zentsov – Travis Wiuff wins must be given for Bogdanov and Zentsov because they both have received traumas after forbidden actions of the opponent. Why there was not understandable stop of the fight Goliaev – Clementi?

But anyway we received good lesson from this tournament and we'll carefully prepare for the next knowing now our weak sides and specific of American judgment. American organizations said that next tournament will be probably held in the October or November 2004.

P.S. In accordance with our notices of appeal about judgment, Americans agreed to take one referee from USA and accredit one Russian and one independent referee.

That guy pictured with Clementi can BANG!

Golyaev was caught in a tight triangle, and his other arm was caught in a straight armbar. He couldnt tap, so he SCREAMED. Clementi kept cranking the arm, and he kept screaming till the ref stopped it.

This after the fight was almost stopped from 4 blatant knees to the back of Clementis head on the ground. 2 of these came after the fight was stopped and Golyaev issued a warning.

jeez guys!

That was posted a couple days after the March 13 show-- it is almost two months old.

And I checked with the NJSACB on the appeals. None were ever submitted, and the board agreed to CONSIDER international referees, but they would have to submit the same credentials as their American counterparts.

calm down loretta....

1st i seen it...

and found it to be interesting and posted it

First off your right, check out the picture. I mean Im a pretty big 155er and he looks (Golyaev) so much smaller then me. NOT!!!! They all lost because they lacked ground technique. Alot of the Russains were also out of shape. Some of them gased towards the end off there bouts. I think they were all embarrassed they lost like they did. Learn from it and get better. Also why not post a picture of me sitting in mount with him being my B@#tch.
Rich Clementi

Loretta is correct.

Hi guys -

I have been working with them on the protest. I think they may pick 1 fight and protest, it is not a good idea to protest bunches like they wanted, spur of the moment.

They are revieiwing the tape, but I havent gotten anything official yet.



I was there bro...I got plenty of pics of you pounding on him from the mount!

I got this from their website with the story.

Here you go Rich!

Jim Cryan

I can tell you I have wrestled in Russia (1990)and fought there(2003). I feel that they pull some wacky shit themselves.

boy, that was a great show.

lol @ the whining. i guess they had to be pissed though to lose so many times in one night.

John Dixson has fought in Russia a number of times and has told me some stories like Mr. Myers commented on. For instance when he armbarred a Red Devil fighter and made him tap. The referee claims it is after the bell yet there is a minute or so left in the round.