Russia Vs USA was AwesomE!

Chalangov deserves some international fights. He choked Strasser in under a minute. I want to see him fight!

Who's Ivlev?

Ivlev bitched up Golyaev in a couple minutes in the last M-1. He's definitely the better lightweight.

Also if we can include other former Soviet nations then Lithuania has some great fighters.

Lithuania definitely has some great fighters. Morkevicius is making a run toward top 10 at 145 lbs. Valavicius is pretty good too, even though he just got caught in like a minute in Pride.

How did the Gamberyan vs Sonnen fight go?

"What happened with Joe D'arce's fight?"

I read on another forum that his fight got cancled. I dont remember why.

I think that D´arce got a huge cut in training and couldn´t compete...

"Lithuania definitely has some great fighters. Morkevicius is making a run toward top 10 at 145 lbs. Valavicius is pretty good too, even though he just got caught in like a minute in Pride."

Yeah don't forget Kestutis Smirnovas and especially Jordanas Poshkaitis who's like 10-0.

"How did the Gamberyan vs Sonnen fight go?"

Yes I'd like to see a description of this fight too please. Anyone?

Also, are there any photographs of the event up already? Cheers.

I forgot about Kestutis Smirnovas. That guy is really good. Pride used him in The Best. They need to bring him back for the big show. He beat up Masaya Inoue really badly in Shooto, and Inoue is a pretty good fighter.

awesome show

Hey guys - the matchmaker checking in here.

1) A few things - Clementi said on another board that the Russians complained about a lot of the matches. They may protest a few, but it is not certain that each one will be an 'official' protest, with letters etc.

1) Musail - the issue is that Noble had the back and did strike the back of the head. This is more heat of the moment, I think. A good way to avoid this would be to not spend three minutes on your stomach holding your ears.

2) The elbow rule is not used in M-1, and the cut on Zentsov was from an elbow. It was clean IMO, but they may think it was a point of elbow. It will be helpful when the boxing commission gets more involved in the rules meeting. Zentsov's cut required 20 stitches.

3) Semenov wants to protest, other members of RD have told me 'not that one'.

D'Arce caught 7 stiches across the face - after having a few due to a grueling day of medicals, I met him in the lobby at around 1 AM, and he was bummed, fresh from the hospital.

Anyone who thinks Chael Sonnen is boring is an ass. He is a stone cold killer. His entire demeanor before the fight left Gambaryan thinking he had an easy fight. When it was on however, Chael looked across the ring, winked at Arman, and then took him apart.

Remember the position Ivan Salaverry ended Semenov with? Arms tied up in a side mount, with nothing to protect the face? Chael used it in at least two of the three rounds to and lay a beat down on him. His boxing was good too, and Gambaryan was the other class A guy from RD on the card, besides Semenov.

I'll try to stick around and answer other questions, if anyone cares...

hey miguel, do you think the faircloth fight stoppage was a little soon.he was knocked down but not you think the ref took into consideration the size difference and just reacted too soon....? thanx.

Miguel bro! Thanx hope you read the article from the paper.....

streright- i think I can answer that questions...I was ringside and Ron fell right in fron of me...He was out....If the fight was still goin Ron would have took alot more punishment....Ron was out...



I got a question....When's the next show!?


i wish i had your seats.....thanx for the info guy.
it looked to me like he was trying to get guard and the ref called it,but no denying he was knocked down.

Hopefully this will get the Red Devil team to send their A level guys over next time.

Props to Sonnen for the victory over the tough Gambaryan.

It would be nice if next time, Suloev, A. Emelianenko and Magomedov can come over. Maybe even one of the guys from Legion, like Chalangov.

Ronzilla was down, I dont think anyone can knock him out. To most people however, it looked bad because he went down on his butt. Sergei closed and if he had started to throw punches, it is hard to see it lasting longer. The ref stepped in and Stopped Kaznovski.

...Picturing Ebersole leaving at 6:30 AM. in a limo drinking wine. That boy is TOUGH!

I am still really buzzed from the show, it was a landmark event in my opinion.

I was so close, Semenovs blood is on my program

Magomedov broke his hand in Holland, or he would have rematched Ben Rothwell.

Suloev was on an original draft of the card, but came off of the draft version early. L'il Fedor and Big Fedor aren't in need of the exposure. I love the legion guys, and I think Karimov and Strasser in a rematch is a possibility.

Chalangov can come and be submitted by Chris Lytle any time he wants :) Shit talking is good - ask Chael!

I can tell you that the Russia v USA thing worked to motivate the American guys - the wrestling background bought out that 'gameness' in them, and the wrestlers almost ran the table.

I also think that if Ron had some luck going his way, he could have been on top crunching Sergei. Coach Strasser is a pillar for a team, quiet and a solid soldier.

Sergei is a big dude. I knew he was tall, but I never realized just how large he was.

I think it would Chalangov subbing Lytle, but I'd love to see that fight. :)

I think it was Eilers getting down that started the big roll.

The Russians know Lavender, he had beaten one of there guys who is better than Bal IMO, so I think they may have considered they might lose the first one. They were thinking Bogdanov was a secret weapon in that he was a hige puncher. Early in the match, Bogdanov hit EIlers hard a few times, and was strong in the clinch. The fucking ropes were loose to boot, so I caught Eilers personally at my table, he landed in my lap.

Eilers came back and answered every Bogdanov punch with a big blow back, staying in his face. He crowded him in the corner and broke him down with knees to the legs, as this was a war of attrition. Bogdanov couldnt answer the bells, as Eilers used athleticism to break down a VERY tough guy. The Russians were 0-2 and they were limping back to the locker room. The coaches were mad that he quit, but there was no shame in this fight.