russian army's self defence glove


here are gloves form 1 russian firm and it is said that those gloves are meant for sparring with metal cage headgear. in self-defence there is punching and grappling. i just read from somewere in this forum that there are no universal gloves for punching and grappling. what do you think about this kind of solution?

Those are pretty neat. I prefer to use open hand with the cage, but I guess if you gotta punch they'd do the trick.

There are gloves made for striking and grappling, perhaps not so good for the cage. They just require that you have a good training partner.


Wow! Nice website!

How long have you been working for them?

The stick fighting armor is INSANE! LOL!

Ausgepicht, i don't work for them :)

I just was crawling arount in internet and was looking for safe gloves for sparring and grappling against partner with headgear w metal cage. i found twins gloves, but aren't those too narrow to cover all knuckle area (i have seen only picture)?

... and those russian gloves are leather and cost only 40$

Man, that site is SERIOUS. Some really interesting stuff, real cheap.

Just would like to hear a few things about them first, you know?

hey Ausgepicht...I remember u're the man in regards to HEADGEAR expertise. I'm thinkin about buying either The HIGH GEAR headgear of the FIST INC. headgear. I want to use it for both MMA sparring and boxing. Can u advise???

Those things are sweet! I e-mailed the company, but they don't ship to the US. ;-)

They are looking for a middle man...