Russian Invasion Picks Here...

Updated card for Mixed Martial Arts: Russian Invasion

265 LBS: Roman Zentsov (Red Devil Team) v. Jeff Monson (American Top team)

I am a bit undecided on this one now. Before I was going with Zentsov(who had been on a bit of a tear lately, but suffered a knock down against Michael Knapp in 2H2H and the fight was called prematurely, but a loss it is) and now I am leaning towards Monson with a GnP decision win.

Monson by decision.

185 LBS: Andrei Semenov (Red Devil Team) v. Trevor Prangley (American Kickboxing Academy)

IMO, This will be Trevor's breakout fight ... great match up though. I see this as a competitive fight, until Andrey gasses that is. Once Prangley has the green light he will turn up the hell and put a lot of pressure on Semenov, whether or not he can handle it remains to be seen. Too bad for Semenov though, the once mighty Russian Hero is falling on bad times in MMA as of late.

Prangley by decision (or possibly a late ref stoppage)

170 LBS: Musail Alaudinov (Red Devil Team) v. Derrick Noble (Silverbacks)

Noble should be too strong for Alaudinov. Noble has a lot of tough fights behind him and this will give him a big edge. From seeing both fighters I think I can confidently say Derrick is the favorite here.

Noble by TKO early.

185 LBS: Denis Komkin (Red Devil Team) v. Joe D'Arce (Team Renzo Gracie)

Komkin's a hoss at 185, rugged, no nonsense, and definately dangerous. I think Denis will be a hit with the US audience, as his style is definately a crowd pleasing one. I do know that Joe gave Misaki fits in a Pancrase bout last year, but Komkin is not a grappler (even though he has very good sub defense) and will look to keep it standing and punish D'Arce with an ever-pressing aggression.

D'Arce is no joke, but....

Komkin by TKO early.

205 LBS: Arman Gambaryan (Red Devil Team) v. Chael Sonnen (Team Quest)

This is a tricky one. If Arman is on his game, and doesn't come in looking sloppy (like he can sometimes do), then I think he will finish it via an armbar early. However, if he's not there mentally then it will be Sonnen by decision via GnP.

265 LBS: Sergei Kaznovski (Red Devil Team) v. Ron Faircloth (Strasser's Freestyle Academy)

Kaz is more of a Lt. Heavyweight but he could still win this one. If Sergei keeps it standing, and is able to avoid the TDs .. he will win via a late TKO (IMHO), otherwise .. this will be Faircloth's fight.

170 LBS: Sergei Bal (Red Devil Team) v. Chatt Lavender (Blalock's IMB)

I thought Bal was with Comabt Sambo SF? Unless he recently signed with Red Devil? Oh well, either way ... he's a decent fighter, but Chatt is a very naturally gifted guy who would really be great if he were with a top team and training daily.

Lavender by late TKO or submission.

265 LBS: Mikhail Bogdanov (Red Devil Team) v. Justin Eilers (Team EXTREME)

Bogdanov is a little too small (normally fighting at just over 200 lbs), yet he still may pose a threat with his strikes. Although I see Eilers taking this one via a strong GnP, early on Mikhail will be very dangerous with his strikes ... throwing caution to the wind without a thought. His (Bogdanov) weakness is the ground right now, and once it hits the floor it will be goodnight for Bog.

Eilers early TKO via GnP

205 LBS: Alexei Veselozorov (Red Devil Team) v. Brian Ebersole (American Kickboxing Academy)

Ebersole is no slouch, having given Fryklund a run for his money in a Dangerzone event last year. If this turns into a stand up fight I think Alexei stands a good chance of taking it, but I see Brian as using his wrestling and getting this one down early.

Ebersole by GnP early

155 LBS: TBD vs. TBD

Well said, Drew.

I ithink you picked all Americans! Man, I hope that is the case : )


lol Almost, read it again. I've got Komkin and two toss ups, the rest were American fighters though.

It will be a good event no matter who wins the fights!

How much does anyone know about any of the russian fighters?

"How much does anyone know about any of the russian fighters?"