Russian Judo DVD's

My friend who is on the national coaching staff just came back from Russia with several of these DVD's.

These are probably some of the best DVD's I've seen on judo. Especially for competitive judo. 2 DVD's from Yashkvetich (1 standing and 1 newaza) and 1 from another Russian judo coach. He got them for 5$ USD each too. :)

The ne-waza DVD from Yashkevitch is probably the best ne-waza DVD I've seen. He is now back in Ukraine (or Belarus, forgot which) and left Belgium for good.


Do you know if they ship to the USA? I'm leaving for Moscow on Monday, do you know if they're readily available there?
Are you speaking of Alexander Iatskevich, he's from Latvia.


I have no idea. My friend gave them to me and there in the training camp in Moscow few weeks ago..someone gave them to him or he bought them...not sure. On the disk it says 3 euros, about 5$ USD.

I just looked it up now..I have only 3 of the DVD's, but Alexander Yashkevtich's 2 DVD's are absolutely great (not translated to English though, just Russian).

when u go to them and see.

their e-mail is (says on back of DVD):
telephone: (095) 574-7363

Gregg.. if you can, pick me up the set, or whatever you can find on DVD about russian judo, and i'll cut you a check when you return home.. =)


Give my regards to Igor for me. That guy is a class act. Oh, and have a great time, I'm jealous.


Travis, will do.

Josh, If I can find them will do.


I got them at $10 per DVD. Problem is that they're PAL not NTSC so I'm going to have them transfered.
I also have Sambo for Professionals Volume 3: Physical Preparation for the Fighter. It is a interactive DVD that allows you to compare yourself to the best judoka and sambo wresters in Russia. You test yourself in different areas strength, endurance, flexibility etc. and then you input the info into your computer. The software will analyse the data and design a program for you. You periodically retest yourself and enter in in the new data and it will adjust your program for you depending on your results.

A full list of exercises is provided and demostrated in the DVD. Igor received his PhD in this field.

Let me know if you're interested.


will pay for food. =)

I think especially for Yaskevitch's DVD's, understanding what he says is very important, especially with finishing arm-bars.

If I have time, I may produce sub-titles for the 3 DVD's I have.

Hey Dynamo,

How did you find the Yashkevitch DVD's ?

I printed the link you posted, took it to Moscow and gave to Igor. Three days later I had them. BTW Thanks!

...Asked a friend of mine in moscow to purchase them , in between if someone wants to post some iatskevich video clips he will be more than welcome :-)