Russian Judo

Does anyone have a copy of the Masterclass series Judo book called 'Russian Judo' that they would be willing to sell? My e-mail is :

Do you speak spanish?

I think you'll have a hard time finding someone willing to part with that book, unless they have an extra.....awesome book.

I speak spanish!!!

How much do you want for it?

email is


You could check ebay or amazon.

Other wise Russian judo is $20 at

Sorry to tease DR. The book I have is an uchimata in Spanish, somewhat of an ongoing joke now, been trying to pawn it off on someone on here for about a year now.

Though if you're interested:) lemme know

its a sweet book, no way I am letting that one go. A good video on this subject needs to be done (DVD actually).

Cool. I understand that Russian Judo, is just a certain type of judo practiced in European countries, that emphasises pick-up style throws and such. I was wondering, are the theories and approaches to the Russian style of judo very different than what is traditionally practiced by the Japanese? In other words, is Russian Judo a completely different system or is it just a few variations of traditional judo?

variations mainly.. though, nowadays, youll see a lot of blending all over.

Actually hatashita charges $22 per book while toraki charges $20.

Suplexman, if you really like to learn more about Russian judo, you should check out a video/dvd called, "Moscow Grandprix 2001."

Lots of Europeans/Russians doing pickups left and right. The DVD costs $35+ shipping.

It is awesome.

hehe...I saw the credit of the book too.