Russian Prison Tat's

Saw a documentary on the National Geogrphic Channel about these (the doucmenatry was called Taboo: Tattoo).  Said the ink was made of urine and cooked down rubber from the bottom of inmates boots.

Anyway, there was actually some good artwork, and interesting concepts behind the art, anybody heard of this?

never heard of that, i bet it was interesting to watch!


dont know if i want to get piss tatted into my skin though, it would be hard to shake the smell.

Its funny of guys in prison can get tons of stuff inside ( mags,smokes,drugs,knives) but cant get some India Ink.

benchwarmer - Those Russians are hardcore! I've got a book about Russian prison tattoos somewhere, but I remember reading about the urine/rubber ink solution. Crazy!

But yeah, there was some great work from the prisons.

Some of the original "fine line" black and grey work came out of the prison systems in California, and it was some fantastic tattooing...I'll try and find some examples and make another thread.

each of the tattoos have different meanings, i picked up a dictionary on russian tattoos, it didnt say what the ink was though, but some work was good some really bad

it was quite an interesting read

i saw that show, benchwarming. it was awesome! that guy that had his whole body covered telling his criminal life was sad.

for those who didnt see it: he finished his tattoo by ending the story on his face when he found he was sentenced to death. after the fall of the Union, they reversed the order, and now he's getting released this year :P

he's screwed.

thats hardcore