Russian Roids

Is it just me? How is it the Russian fighters look the same in the 3rd round as they do in the 1st.

Picking up and slamming a fighter in the 3rd round over and over again like its no big deal,

Recovering from head kicks like nothing ever happened, I ain't buying it

There being accused of using steroid in the Sochi Olympics, I believe it... There up to something

Somethings not right...

Probably the same thing as the American roids just named different. Phone Post 3.0

They're Russian, they're a different breed of human.

Plus most of them are wrestling bears by age 5, so humans are nothing

And kettlebells Phone Post 3.0

Did you not see him in the benson fight? He faded in the third Phone Post 3.0

Why didnt Overeem ever get on that jaw enhancing Ruski juice?!

Are you accusing russia of creating a special PED that is unknown to usada/wada/ufc/wfa ?

That would be pretty cool actually. Maybe touch can get us a picture of this new drug Phone Post 3.0