Russian systama (sp?)

anyone have any info about this style?

Also what is the link to the website that has videos for this style.


where can the videos be bought, I know I have seen the site before but I can't find it.

Not sure of that -- but do a google search for "SYSTEMA DVDS" or "SYSTEMA INSTRUCTIONAL TAPES" and you should get several sites to pop up. 

I used to make a lot of training knives for some systema guys.

Nice guys who work hard at what they do. I have met Mikhail and I have spent some time working with Vlad. Vlad is as real as any military training as you will ever get. Super nice guy too.

If you go to the website for the Toronto schol you can call or e-mail and order the dvds.


Is that Dougie<< in the middle?   

can you tell me anything about their knive and gun disarming? Anything functional?

Yes, that is me in the middle. It's about 2 years ago now.

I suggest that if you want to know anything about them to go see Vlad. If I remember correctly his doors are always open and a class is about 15 bucks for a set of 2 if you want to try it.