Russian youth vs. guys driving on sidewalk

It's called "Stop a Douchebag Movement" where young men stop people driving on the sidewalk. Not surprisingly, when these heroes put stickers on the windshield, some drivers go nuts.


I was actually gonna post some of these videos a few months back. I got lost on you tube watching video's and came across these guys. I fucking love what they do as I hate douche bag drivers.

Looks like the wrestler guy in the second video picked up a Reebok sponsorship.

I found this on reddit about a year ago. Those guys are great. I'd never drive a car there. Those guys are maniacs.

i love these videos. i wish they'd hurry up and translate their videos more quickly.

there's also a channel for the StopHAM St. Petersburg chapter and a related group Lion Versus that deals with people smoking and drinking in public

Just spent the past hour watching all their videos. This shit is awesome. Phone Post 3.0