Rutgers football player gets KOd

Fake Pie? More like Late Pie. Someone posted this yesterday. You all late and wrong up in here. Someone else might be taking your spot as the #1 video poster on teh OG if you keep this shit up.



I’d say he’s lucky he landed that by how he threw it, dude can’t fight for shit.

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Maybe I’ve been desensitized because that isn’t vicious to me.

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Koko B ware baby sleepin nukka!

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bad enough to lose a fight
worse to get kod
worse still when everyone on earth can see the video

the winner must have been a white supremacist
at least he started with a fair push, so they both knew the fight was on b4 he swung


Yeah I can’t imagine fighting in today’s world and getting knocked out immediately and it being on video. I mean, you lost badly and can’t say it didn’t happen lol…

That was a juicy ko— wonder what they were fighting over? Probably something very meaningful