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Any RV enthusiasts? We sold it all and left NY about 7 months ago…I purchased the Motorhome new in 2009 , things took longer to wrap up than I thought…so here we are…
We used the Motorhome throughout the years, it had a beautiful paint job, I also designed a matching Smart Car , the car is carried in the garage….The Motorhome is a Toy Hauler…I think I posted a photo here once…

The old….


The new…

What do you think?


Updated paint on same rig?

You won’t blend in with the new look but it is nice. Huge canvas, I can’t imagine driving that anywhere but the highway or in any direction but a straight line.

Good for you man.


I’m not 100% on the tribal…it’s not bad, but that’s the element I’d be playing with. But it’s nice as is.

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Yes, doing some interior mods and the new paint…It a Detroit Diesel, pre DEF ( emissions bullshit) so the engine is solid, under 50k miles on it…

Driving it is a trip, it floats down the highway at 80 MPH…going through small towns can get interesting. Pulling into campsites can be a challenge…stands about 13’ tall in the back…


Look closely at the paint, do you notice any detail?
Also, I’m having all the Burgundy done in Rhino Coating, all the other paint in flat…


Michelin or Toyo for it, M154 is a good Toyo for them. If you ever have a blowout and they put balance bags in it on the side of the road, take it somewhere and have it machine balanced afterward if you aren’t running centramatics.


Well, it sure as hell doesn’t look like you’re missing out on any creature comforts in that beast :sunglasses:


Pre DEF, this thing is gonna fucking run FOREVER.


Yea I was going back and forth on that as well….mixed feelings…would welcome opinions…
It means something different to everyone I guess…

Unless the paint is in poor shape, I’d leave it as is, it’s very nice. What’s the overall length ? Where in NYS were you from ? We’re western NYS. We own a 30’ Class C for 2 years now, we winter out in the southwest with it, just got back. 22k miles on it so far. You got balls selling it all and going full time, that’s quite a commitment. I assume you’re retired ?


Nice man! I got a small camper a couple of years back and go camping several times between April and October. It was a lifechanger for me.


Paint job was getting beat up…Length is 45’…13’ ht…
At 13’ it’s not uncommon to catch branches…I’m doing all the Burgundy in Rhino for durability…Also front hood…


Also adding a bar to the front and some crazy overhead fog light setup…


Damn that looks light a nightmare to drive and park. Sometimes I throw around idea of a class c under 29ft or a class b 4x4

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People don’t realize how freeing it is…I’ve always camped, had a 17’ travel trailer before this…It amazing to have everything you need with you, and to be mobile…


Yea, ours is 11’3". Fedex and UPS trucks whack branches down above our height so we seldom hit branches. Only encountered one bridge below our height in 22k miles, but we spotted it before impacting.

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Thank God, too many videos of guys crashing into bridges…we purchase a truckers GPS…it supposed to keep us away from those situations, but I still stay sharp…


We boon dock 95 % of the time, and rarely drive on interstates, we take backroads through forgotten towns. My big upgrade this year might be lithium batteries. We make do with a couple of lead-acid, but lithium is the way to go. Also might add solar since we boondock in the desert so much.

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Yes, it can be, I learned early on, Stay Calm…it doesn’t matters who is honking, if you’re in a tight spot, stay calm, take all the time you need…
Also, can’t drive like a car…need plenty of stopping room, you gotta flow…

Fully loaded with car and water, what does it weigh ?