RVCA Black Belt Shorts?

Saw Leo Veira and Andre Galvao wear similar shorts to BJ Penn's.

Does anyone know if RVCA will be making these for the general public?


Pimpit makes a pair exactly like BJ's

kying, they were selling similar shorts at the OTM booth.


Thanks guys.

ouano makes a pair

Pimpit.com had some really nice boardshorts.
Does anyone know if they ship to Europe?
Couldn't find any information about that on their site.


there are ones that actually have a belt attached to them I cant remember who the company is, but there are a bunch out there ever since BJ used them. Check out BJPenn.com


I saw some great pairs over the weekend at the booth for http://www.onthemat.com/xcart/home.php

Thanks- I know about onthemats and oanu's- they look great.

Just specifically wondering about the RVCA's.

I'd like to know too. Maybe BJ just had RVCA ironed on.

I believe Leo Vieira was wearing Ouano shorts.  That is one of his sponsors.

This dude asked specifically for RVCA...not some shit that is similar, better, or up to par.

The dude wants the RVCA shorts...if you dont know just say you dont know

haha thanks man.

Oh well, its all good anyways.

you don't know.

That said I'm pretty sure Hitman Dan actually made the shorts BJ wore.

We will have the RVCA BJ Penn shorts at OTM Fight Shops and
OntheMat.com in the next week.


thanks man!



You guys all owe me!

I am predicting that there will be a huge demand for these particular shorts.