RVD = New TNA champ

Beat Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles in the same night, TNA is really pushing him.

Yes, I caught the Styles match. I am glad they put the title on him, he needs to become the face of the company.

Bout time and he needs to have a solid run. This can only help TNA.

I feel like maybe Pope should have been given a better run. In my opinion there was too little build-up towards Lockdown between him and AJ and I knew there was no way TNA would give him the belt Sunday (which is why I didn't order it). RVD is great and all you, and you can't deny he doesn't get a huge pop when he comes out, but him being champ so soon after arriving at the company seems a little off to me.

It was a great show last night, though.

They pulled out all the stops and could not have timed it better with many of the RAW stars being in Europe. Probably a pretty good call.

The one thing that bugged me about the show though was Rob Terrys push. I know this has been going on for about a month now, but last night should have proven they are wasting their time with him. He works just like the Ultimate Warrior who had a limited skillset on his best night. He has a fantastic look but has nothing to back it up. They should have brought him along much slower.

The only thing with the RVD thing they could have done better would have been to have a 3 way with Jeff Hardy also. That way they could continue to elevate him. If they work that angle with a 3 way feud for the world championship, you have the potential for some pretty good matches.

 One thing that also really stood out for me yesterday was the RVD's little promo when he walking to the ring for his match against hardy. The way it was shot looked really good and needs to be done more often. I believe thats also how they shoot TNA Reaction show also.

ArtWanderlei -  That was probably the best show I have seen from TNA. 

About an hour and a half into the show I realized what a great show it was.

They cut down on the number of really annoying and terrible promo's/run in's.

very good show. marked out when rvd won.

Their best show by far, since Hulk came in.

I wish I didn't come on the PWF yesterday before watching the show! Seeing the thread title kinda spoiled it for me. My fault though, awesome result either way. Huge RVD fan here, but that backstage segment with him and Hardy doing pbp of their match highlights was terribly necessary and uncomfortable.

This was honestly the best thing TNA could have done,now lets hope they land Shelton Benjamin.

At the 30 second mark when Styles landed did he get knocked silly??? Cuz it looked like his arms got stiff for a bit....

I noticed the same thing,but I think he was just selling it,b/c he brought them down just in time for the frog splash.

It was a good sell cuz i thought he got knocked out cuz he just flattened out


I'll tell you what, I think that out of all the ex-WWE people they've brought in, RVD may already have had the most impact and effect on the fans.

The reactions he gets are fuckin' LOUD!

And re: Benjamin....fuck the x-division.....push him straight to the top

:58......listen to that crowd reaction.

I miss these days in wrestling.

I might start watching wrestling again now, great RVD is in the driving seat now. Man that theme tune sucks!

It's funny, though, it's a great sing-along for the crowd, and people seem to dig it live.